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2004 Goals
Release Date: January 01, 2004


On Monday, December 13th the Greenburgh Town Board evaluated Supervisor Paul Feiner’s 2004 goals. Feiner bases $5000 of his salary on implementation of goals.  The Board determined that Feiner has achieved 76.27% of his goals and that he will be returning to the town $1,186.67. He will be able to keep $3813.33.

Supervisor Feiner met with department heads on December 8th to discuss goals. Although members of the Town Board agreed with the department heads analysis on most of the goals – the Town Board, in reviewing goals, reduced the credit Feiner received for goal #1,2,5,8, 9,18,43,65, 71, 74.

1) Finalize plans for old Town Hall. Consider temporary uses for old building. Police are using the old building a few times a week for training. Housing Authority plans to rent old Town Hall when their Maple Avecomplex gets a face lift. Library plans to propose referendum in 2005 to take over entire site of library/town hall complex. 50% (plans for old Town Hall can’t be finalized until referendum is decided)

2) Reach consensus re: expansion/renovation of library. Conceptual design plans of library should be presented to community. Conceptual plans presented to Town Board. Library Board and Town Board have reached consensus to propose, via a referendum, a $20 million library expansion that will be voted on by the public in 2005. Because the decision will be made by the public a consensus can’t be claimed until after the voters have spoken  25%

3) Work towards resolution of unfinished, abandoned, incomplete and unsafe structures (including Kathwood Rd) In litigation  (no progress)  0%

4) Comptroller: Expand comptroller section of the web site to add the budget and financials. Add a section on employee benefits forms. The budget and financial statement sections of the website have been expanded and organized – 100% done.  On the Town’s website in the FormCenter under Comptroller’s Office are employee benefit forms 

5) Appoint community liaisions --use liaisons to work on community issues. Have held meetings with community liaisons during the year. A meeting of community liaisons on Alexander Ave resulted  in trimming trees. Neighborhood meeting on S Washington Ave resulted in speed humps  50%

6) Children's Room at new Town Hall: staffing, programs, rules/reg's. Children’s room—Junior League of Central Westchester  membership voted to fund Children’s Room and to set up the Room and to develop rules/regulations. Room to be relocated to small room near cafeteria. Existing children’s room near entrance to Town Hall has been used by some visitors. 50%

7) Start student run entrepreneurial program at new Town Hall. 0%

8)More public access cable TV programs...close down existing studio, move studio to new Town Hall...More people have hosted programs. Closed down existing studio. Final decision on location of new studio has not been made. But, unfinished cable TV studio is located at Town Hall.  25%

9) Work with school districts to facilitate cable TV programs in their schools. Provide assistance so school board meetings can be televised. Provided funding for Central 7 & Edgemont School districts to facilitate cable TV programs in their schools. Edgemont School district does not want meetings televised. Central 7 does. Working with Cablevision and Central 7 to facilitate televising of school Board meetings. 50%

10) Work with neighboring communities to mitigate any negative impact the proposed Ridge Hill development could have on Greenburgh, Ardsley, Hastings streets. Take action steps to seek significant downsizing of proposed development. Work with neighboring communities to mitigate any negative impact the proposed Ridge Hill development could have on Greenburgh, Ardsley, Hastings streets. Take action steps to seek significant downsizing of proposed development. TownBd appointed David Kreiness and Mary Jane Shimsky as chairs of Citizens Committee reviewing proposed Ridge Hill plan. Retained services of Zarin & Steinmetz as counsel, Cashin (environmental review), Maris (traffic) 66) Complete park assessment study. Complete – Joint effort between Parks & CD&C – 100%

11) Work with neighboring communities to address regional development proposals: approve intermunicipal agreements to allow neighboring jurisdictions to have non voting rep's on each others Planning Boards. Elmsford and Greenburgh have approved resolutions – communities will have non voting rep’s on each others Planning Boards when planning matters are before one locality –but the traffic will impact the neighboring jurisdiction. 100%

12) Place speed humps on other streets. Speed humps placed on S Washington (Oct 12) Done 100%

13) lobby for state legislation to provide volunteer fire fighters, police and ambulance corp members with bonus points when they take civil service exams. 50% according to Police Chief Kapica who has been working during the year on developing legislation.

14) Expand history of Greenburgh exhibits at Town Hall. History of Greenburgh exhibit expanded (display placed outside of Town Attorney’s office) 100%

15) Approved legislation recommended by CAC re: tree protection. Make necessary modifications. Adopted anticipatory subdivision law and interim amendments to tree law. Tree law proposal has been referred to the Town Board and is still undergoing review. 20% adopted two components

16) Beautify additional islands in different neighborhoods with tree plantings DONE 100%

l7) Town Board meetings will be aired on our web site. Town Board approved contract to air Town Board meetings on Web site 100%

18) Setting up a video conferencing center at Town Hall for Town officials. Rent the video conferencing area to private sector. We have set up video conferencing center. Working with US Military on developing a conference program so families that have relatives in Iraq and Afghanistan can video conference with each other. The private sector has not rented space as of yet.  25%

19) Discover Greenburgh van tour for new residents and others of  all parks in Greenburgh. Lunch included for nominal fee. Done 100%

20) Rent out space in new Town Hall to generate revenue to town. 0%---Town Board and AT&T Credit Union have not finalized agreement to rent, although  AT& T has indicated that they will sign lease

21) Move stored records out of private facilities to town property, reducing costs since the town currently pays to store files at private facilities. Moved comptroller’s records out of Westy’s. 10%

22) Computer issues; The Town will incorporated computer generated fill in forms for internal processing of information.  The Town will develop computer generated requisition forms which will eliminate duplication of data entry with regard to purchasing. Claim vouchers and purchase requisition forms are available to all departments as computer generated forms that will calculate totals and can be saved for use in paying a vendor in the future. 100%

23) Continue to work to close down Indian Point Town Board approved resolution opposing relicensing of Indian Point  (Feb, 2004), Also sponsored student forum on Indian Point –area schools sent panelists. 100%

24) Continue to work with regional officials monitoring NY State Thruway Authority's plans to replace Tappan Zee bridge. Make sure that any river crossing. TownBoard briefed at Town Board meeting on progress being made re: TZ Bridge. Participated in various meetings/discussions with officials/leaders  100%

25) Greenburgh should co-sponsor a 5K town race. Done 100%

26) TownAttorney: keep a rein on the cost of judgments. Formalize process by identifying areas where liability costs could be reduced by quantifying those costs, coordinate with appropriate personnel, develop a program to reduce those liability costs. 50%

27) Repalce collapsed pool wall at TheodoreYoungCommunity Center. Complete phase 2b of Fairviewpool renovation completed 100%

28) In conjunction with Special Recreation Committee initiate an adaptive aquatics program for children with special needs at Fairview pool. Done.  It was held on Sundays for 6 weeks at the TYDCC in Feb and March. 100%

29) Building Dept: Establish credit card payment method for all fees. Credit card payment for permits has been implemented 100%

30) Building: Begin townwide proactive code enforcement inspections of quality of life land use issues in residential districts (using map delineating civic association areas) Proactive Townwide code enforcement has begun and is an ongoing process.  A report to the Town Board will be submitted in December 100%

31) Building: Post dispositions of court cases of all summonses issued for Zonign Code violations on the town website. Court dispositions of violations initiated by the Building Department are now posted on the Town website 100%

32) Continue working with NYPA to help make town facilities more energy efficient. Provide funding for sensors at Town Hall. Funding for sensors included in proposed capital budget, Met with NYPA. “Working with NYPA on trial installation of sample energy-efficient lighting and sensors.”100%

33) Develop a program to work with Greenburgh schools on education about energy efficiency/conservation and renewable energy. Also, develop a program in schools to promote home composting. In August Nikki Coddington attended a conference for educators to introduce the new energy curriculum (on the science of energy, energy efficiency/conservation, and renewable energy) being made available to New York State schools; the conference was cosponsored by NYSERDA (NY Energy Research and Development Authority) and NEED (National Energy Education Project).

She reports:
I encouraged all educators on my Greenburgh e-mail list (which includes teachers and principals from school districts throughout the greater town as well as unincorporated Greenburgh) to apply to attend this conference, and Michele Dunne from
Irvington High School attended. NEED/NYSERDA subsequently held a local one-day workshop in Yorktown Heights on this energy curriculum, which I also promoted to Greenburgh teachers and was successful in getting one from Westchester Magnet school and one from Hastings to attend. I will follow up shortly to see how these teachers are implementing energy education in their classes.


In addition, I promoted the Energy in Schools Conference, cosponsored by NYSERDA and NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association) on November 18 and 19, to school superintendents as well as principals and teachers on my list. This conference addresses both energy education and energy use in school buildings.


I also coordinated a meeting between the Greenburgh Central 7 Assistant Superintendent for Business and two representatives from NYPA to encourage the school district’s working with NYPA on improving the energy efficiency of their buildings.


Finally, the proposal I wrote to get a NYSERDA grant to install a demonstration PV system on Town Hall was accepted. One of the features of the proposed system is that it would incorporate a data monitor and educational display that could be used by the public, including students, to learn about solar energy. If this project goes forward, it should be a valuable educational asset to local schools. 100%

34) Hold a residential energy fair to promote energy conservation.  Also, sponsor a business related energy efficiency event. “Energy Fair was held April 24. Co-sponsored business energy efficiency event held June 8.” 100%

35) Complete analysis of feasibility of solar energy demonstration project on a town facility. TownBoard voted to apply for grant from state. Application has been submitted and was successful. 100%

36) Initiate study that will lead towards retrofitting of street lighting with more energy efficient lighting. Develop town plan. Start retrofitting lights. Completed study. 100%

37) Town Supervisor to work in different departments once a month (a few hours per department). Temporary job assignments included: snow plowing (highway), court (law), curb replacement (public works), Park gate attendant, veteran town park 100%

38) Rewriting  of the Town’s Emergency Management Plan. Ongoing, 40%

39) Drafting a Policy for Public Notification re: Convicted Sex Offenders Residing in the Community. Completed 100%

40) Develop a program that will utilize the training room on a regular basis. Police have been using room for training. 100%

41) Town will be GASB 34 compliant. The Town will be GASB 34 complaint—the Town’s 2003 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report has been audited and is in compliance with the requirements Governmental Accounting Standards No.34  100%

42) Investigate and evaluate e-mail system and upgrade to a better Web Access solution. Outlook and e mails can now be accessed via the internet. 100%

43) Evaluate the feasibility of placing Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk signs at certain crosswalks in town and the installation of such signs at those locations where the study finds it to be feasible. 60%

44) Oversee the implementation of Babbitt Court flood control program. Some homes should be elevated in 2004. Six homes have been elevated and most of the site restoration is complete 100%

45) Approve policy that was drafted by Parks Department requiring background checks for all volunteer youth sports coaches that participate in town sponsored youth sports programs. Done 100%

46) Establish a recreation inclusion policy for the developmentally disabled for the Town and encourage the Town’s six villages to adopt a similar policy. Done 100%

47) Complete the new interactive spray pool at the Anthony F. Veteran Park pool complex. Done 100%

48) Install an assessable ADA compliant walkway from the Anthony F. Veteran Park pool complex front gate to the main pool. Done 100%

49) Complete phase I of the Glenville Woods Park Preserve Design and Management Plan. Bid Awarded and work almost finished. 85%

50) Complete phase I of the Cotswold Park District O’Gorman Park Improvement Plan. Done 100%

51) Upgrade the Recreation Department’s Registration Software Program from Version 3 to Version 5 and train staff.  60%

52) Offer a teenager talent show with local talent. Done 100%

53) Reorganize the annual Halloween Hullabaloo special event at Webb Park into a Family Harvest Celebration that would incorporate the Farmer’s Market vendors in participating. Done 100%

54) Relocate trailer at old Greenburgh Town Hall to Anthony F. Veteran Park for additional office space. Done 100%

55) Renovate the interior of the Massaro Park Building. Done 100%

56) Install 4 new basketball backboards with 6 ‘extensions at the East Rumbrook Park Basketball Complex and repaint the basketball court surface. Done 100%

57) Continue to work for the repeal or modification of the Wicks Law to reduce construction costs to local governments. 0%

58) Close on Taxter Ridge property—dedicate land as permanent parkland Done 100%

59) Close on acquisition of 16.5 acres of vacant land located on Taxter Rd – property given to town by HAS. 0%

60) E. Hartsdale Ave: establish a working committee that will work to spruce up street during holidays. Make sure that flags are out on Memorial Day, July 4th, decorative lighting during December. Flags have been placed on E Hartsdale Ave. Decorative lighting went up in November, in time for holidays. A meeting was held with community members to discuss ways to spruce up street but only met once.  50%

61) Complete HPZ North Loop Water Main Project (West Connection)—brings high pressure water to southern side of E Irvington. Increases water reliability. Water main project is approx 95% complete

62) Work with Army Corp of Engineers during reevaluation study of Greenburgh Elmsford Flood control project. NY DEC prepared a draft state/local agreement which is being reviewed and finalized by the NYSDEC’s Flood Control Projects Unit. The draft will be submitted to NYSDEC Counsel for approval and then will be forwarded to the town. NYS DEC has agreed to act as the non federal sponsor and intends to enter  into a state/federal design agreement with the US Army Corp of Engineers for the General Reevaluation and Design of flood damage reduction initiative on the Saw Mill River in Elmsford and Greenburgh. 100%

63) Commission space study for police headquarter feasibility of expanded locker room facilities and needed functions. Locker room for police is in terrible shape. One toilet and one shower for ll5 male officers and civilian medics. Lockers are inadequate to store all equipment. RFP's have been received and are currently under review 50%

64) Save Manhattan Express Bus –Westchester to NYC Bus saved 100%

65) Work with Habitat to turn abandoned house at Taxter Ridge into an affordable home for a town employee who will provide caretaking services at the new park. 25%

66) Complete park assessment study. Complete 100%

67) Review safety concerns at various intersections (Ardsley Rd/Ft Hill Rd; Ardsley Rd/Sprain).Police department should determine  if additional safety enhancements are needed and take action steps to implement recommendations. Study to be completed as part of Gelsprain review. 100%

68) Continue implementation of 2003 comprehensive plan objectives.  Institute new land use regulations for open space preservation such as elimination of flag lots in high density single family districts. Prepare Recreation overlay zoning district regulations. Continue implementation of 2003 comprehensive plan objectives.  Institute new land use regulations for open space preservation such as elimination of flag lots in high density single family districts. Prepare Recreation overlay zoning district regulations.  Flag Lot legislation ready to be approved – Recreation Overlay supported by needs assessment, legislation needs to be written – 50% done.

69) Update fees and create cost recovery schedule for Planning and Engineering in house site plan, subdivision, steep slope review charges. Update fees and create cost recovery schedule for Planning and Engineering in house site plan, subdivision, steep slope review charges.  Recommended increase in site plan & public notice fee fee as part of 2005 budget.  500 to $750 on site plan. $50 to $65 on public notice. 50% completed.

70) Work with Town Judges – start feasibility review of possible court renovations. feasibility study included in capital budget (proposed) 50%

71) Propose new overlay zoning for select areas of the town. Overlay zone is a mapped overlay district superimposed on one or more established underlying zoning districts which may be used to impose supplemental restrictions on uses in these districts, permit uses otherwise disallowed, or implement some form of density bonus or incentive program. Propose new overlay zoning for select areas of the town. Overlay zone is a mapped overlay district superimposed on one or more established underlying zoning districts which may be used to impose supplemental restrictions on uses in these districts, permit uses otherwise disallowed, or implement some form of density bonus or incentive program. Proposed overlay zone.   Working with community groups to determine if any neighborhood is interested in participating. 75%

72) Approve home rule message seeking permission from NY State Legislature to create a 3rd part time Judge. Lobby for passage of legislation. 100%

73) Adoption by the town of the wetlands map submitted by the CAC. Adoption by the town of the wetlands map submitted by the CAC. Complete – 100%

74. Conduct comprehensive review of sidewalk construction and maintenance. Complete sidewalk study (Ft. Hill Rd), meet with residents to determine whether construction of additional sidewalks will have their support. Develop criteria for town assuming snow removal responsibilities on certain sidewalks. Ft Hill sidewalk from Ardsley Road to Longview restored.  Met with residents of Ft Hill from Ardsley Rd to Jackson Road to discuss restoring sidewalk on their section of street. Placed crushed stone on section of Ft. Hill as an experiment.   25%

75. Persuade the county to reopen Pipeline entrance to Bronx River Parkway. Pipeline Road reopened. 100%







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