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3rd grader's will lobby for Town Board recycling resolution Wednesday... thank you from new business
Release Date: January 06, 2013

This Wednesday some students who are in 3rd grade to 8th grade and who are enrolled in the Xposure after school program at the Theodore Young Community Center- will make a presentation to the Town Board. They will urge the Town Board to purchase more recycling bins to place at the Theodore Young Community Center. After the Town Board hears the presentation of the students (which will take place at 7:30 PM--first item on the agenda), the Town Board will consider voting on a resolution which was prepared by the students implementing the recommendation. If the resolution is approved this student drafted resolution will be the first legislative action to be approved in 2013.
The Xposure after school program receives substantial grant assistance from the Lanza Family Foundation. The Xposure program targets children and adolescents in lower income areas. They provide students with a taste of science, technology, nutrition, finance (students invest real dollars in the stock market), civic activities. The Xposure program was also profiled in Scholastic Magazine, ABC TV, the NY Times and in other media over the years.

I got my own start in politics when I was a student. In 1973 I successfully lobbied the members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators to appropriate $50,000 for the first bikeway in Westchester-on the Bronx River Parkway. The following year I served on former County Executive Al Del Bello's Bicycle Task Force and successfully pushed for the closing of the Bronx River Parkway on Sundays in the spring/summer for bicyclists--a program that is still popular today. Because of the positive experience I had when i was a student lobbying for changes - I decided to make a career out of public service. If lawmakers had ignored the initiative I was advocating for or had said no, I might have chosen another career. It's my hope that the students who attend the Town Board meeting on Wednesday night will also leave with a positive experience about government and their ability to influence decision maker's. Who knows--one of the students making a presentation on Wednesday night could be a future United States Senator, NYS Governor or town official? It's also my hope that Xposure and schools around the town will have students lobby for additional initiatives. The best way students can learn about government is to speak out about issues they are concerned about and to push for changes they believe are important. The xposure presentation on Wednesday should be a beginning.
For info about xposure check the following website...
_A few weeks ago I encouraged residents to welcome one of Greenburgh's newest businesses -BatteriesPlus (located near Planet Pizza). The community responded. Please see the following thank you letter from the owners of the business.
If you know of other new businesses that are opening in the town, please advise. I would like to share the good news with town residents and encourage the community to be supportive.
From: eros.corpus@batteriesplus.net [eros.corpus@batteriesplus.net]
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 10:58 AM
To: Paul Feiner
Cc: jennifer.corpus@batteriesplus.net
Subject: RE: Batteries Plus Bulbs

Hello Paul,

Simply want to take the time out and personally thank you and the whole town of Greenburgh for their overwhelming support by shopping at our store. It truly validates that my wife and I have picked the right area to open and help our local community for all their batteries and bulbs needs.

As a courtesy, we'd like to remind everyone to get a FREE battery test to ensure their cars have the proper CCA (cold cranking amps) especially during winter where the temps can drop and unfortunately kills their batteries. For more information about our company kindly visit www.batteriesplusbulbs.com

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you at our ribbon cutting ceremony.


Eros and Jennifer Corpus 300 Tarrytown Road, White Plains 997 9400 (near Planet Pizza)
Visit our web site at www.greenburghny.com and view archived Supervisors Reports.
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