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Supervisors Goals 2005
Release Date: January 01, 2005

The Greenburgh Town Board evaluated Supervisor Paul Feiner’s 2005 goals at the December 19th Town Board meeting. The Board determined that Feiner reached 67.01% of his goals. He will return to the taxpayers $1,649.50 and will keep $3,350.50 of the $5000 placed in escrow at the beginning of the year.

Supervisor Paul Feiner bases $5000 of his salary on implementation of goals. The following are goals for 2005. At the last meeting of the year the Greenburgh Town Board will evaluate the goals and determine how much of Supervisor Feiner’s salary shall be returned to the taxpayers.

1)       Review feasibility of using internet-town phone system. Internet phone service is not as expensive. Internet phones may work as well as regular phones. If review indicates that the town can save money, set up some internet phones -at least on a trial basis. Review of using internet phone system complete—presented to Town Bd. 100%

2)       Secure funding and a site for a dog park in 2005. Secured funding of $43,000 from State Senator Nick Spano for construction of dog park at RidgePark. 100%

3)       Secure private or town funding to WIFI two parks in the town (possibly AF Veteran Town Park and YosemitePark). Meet with Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to enlist their support for WIFI in the parks.  0 %  met with parks Board. But, did not secure funding

4)       Rebuilt the retaining wall for the upper tier of the Taxter Road Parklet and install a new basketball backboard and practice shooting pad. This is not the Taxter Ridge Park Preserve but a small park on Taxter Roadnear Mountain Road. 0% we went out to bid

5)       Renovate the Pavilion at PocanticoPark. 100%

6)       Renovate the exterior for Cabanas section F & G Completed 100%

7)       Hire a consultant for assisting the town in developing a management plan for the Taxter Ridge Preserve. Target date for the completion of the management plan is December 2005.  50%  we hired a consultant. The consultant requested that he be given more time to complete plan

8)       Approve concession agreement for the development and operation of a bubbled indoor tennis facility and program at Anthony Veteran Park Tennis Complex. The projected opening date for operation is the fall of 2006 and the indoor season would be from October through April each year. In negotiation  ( 0%  )Bd should decide---we devoted a substantial amount of town resources working with the Sporttime to come up with a proposed agreement. Most of the details have been finalized and a vote by the Town Bd should take place early next year.

9)       Build the Jack Randall Platform Tennis Warming Hut at EastRumbrookParkand have a dedication ceremony. 85% bulding almost complete. Some electrical work still has to be done. Dedication did not take place in 2005.

10)   Secure funding for implementing Phase I of the East Rumbrook Park Improvement Master Plan. Also go out to bid and award a contract for this project. Funding has been secured and the town plans to bid in July.   50% secured funding. Went out to bid. But, bid was too high so has to be rebid.

11)   Renovate the AnthonyF.VeteranParkPool Complex Lifeguard Offices. COMPLETED 100%

12)   Upgrade and modernize the computer systems for tracking Nutrition Program and Home Delivered Meal recipients. Training for new software completed. 50% we completed training but county hasn’t turned on the switch.

13)   Build a new and expanded deck for patrons using the snack bar stand by the AFV Park Tennis Complex. COMPLETED 100%

14)   Work with Verizon to bring cable TV competition to Greenburgh. Monitor construction of fiber optics-address constituent issues during construction. Worked with residents and Verizon to address neighborhood complaints during construction of fiber optics throughout town. 100%

15)   Organize community meetings to educate community about library expansion before library expansion referendum is held. Work with Library to make sure that voters are informed, questions answered before referendum is held.  Complete environmental review of library expansion program COMPLETED. 100%

16)   Complete installation of solar energy demonstration project in Town Hall. Materials are ordered. ( 0%  )Bd should decide..we approved a contract but the contractor hasn’t been able to complete work this year. The Town has done everything in its control to facilitate installation of the solar electric demonstration system, awarding the bid to the PV installer in July 2005. A worldwide shortage of PV modules, including the type specified for Town Hall, has delayed installation until at least February 2006.

17)   Complete installation of energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors in Town Hall. Work to start in November. 100% Installation of energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors in Town Hall, through the New York Power Authority, is nearly complete.

18)   Develop policy on purchasing portion of Town’s electricity from clean, renewable sources (including wind). checking on status of proposed NYS legislation making it legal for municipalities to pay more for renewable energy. Because of the Board’s previous responses to the proposed purchase of wind power, we have been following the status in the Legislature of the bill which would make it explicitly permissible for municipalities to purchase green power. Current status is that it passed the Assembly but failed in the Senate, so the sponsoring Assemblywoman, Sandy Galef, states that they will revise it for early 2006. 0% 

19)   Develop consensus on new policy on energy efficiency standards/guidelines for commercial new construction. In process 0%

20)   Work with Library and Housing Authority so that when renovations/construction takes place that energy efficiency/conservation measures are included in plans. Library and energy conservation coordinator has been discussing making library energy efficient and green. Energy efficiency measures are included in plans for renovation of Maple St buildings. Energy efficient new units on Oak Streetare to have opening in November. 100%. The Energy Conservation Coordinator has been in ongoing communication with the Executive Director of the Housing Authority and the Director of the Library regarding energy efficiency in the Housing Authority renovation and the Library expansion, and the architects for both projects have expressed a commitment to incorporating energy efficiency measures.

21)   Hold an event to promote energy efficiency/conservation in cooperative and condominium multifamily buildings. March 29 meeting in Hartsdale. 100%. An event to promote energy efficiency/conservation in cooperative and condominium multifamily buildings was held in Hartsdale on  March 29, 2005.

22)   Expand the GreenburghNatureCenter’s Involvement with Greenburgh Cable TV to help spread the word about the NatureCenter’s programs. 100%  George Maloneand the NatureCenterhave agreed to 4 seasonal shows—beginning with a winter 2005 show.50%

23)   Work with the NatureCenterhelping them secure outside funding to meet additional needs. 100%  The Town Board has agreed to appropriate additional funds for the NatureCenterto meet additional needs. I have reached out to Congresswoman Lowey and State Senator Spano. Senator Spano indicated that if the nature center comes up with a specific project (not a long term building request) he will be able to secure up to $50,000 in funding for the nature center. Bayer has contributed funds—for Glenville Woods.

24)   Deer committee should finalize review and develop recommendations which will be submitted to Town Board members and Mayors of six villages. 0%

25)   Finalize experimental policy re: snow removal on certain sidewalks. Also develop policy re: construction of new sidewalks. Consider creating a town-wide sidewalk district to enable the town to construct new sidewalks. 0%

26)   Complete master plan for court expansion/police locker room. Oversee work of task force that will work on this initiative. 50% The town hired an architect who has been meeting with Judges, the Police, town officials. The master plan has not been finalized. We appropriated in the 2006 budget2.5 million for the courthouse/library expansion

27)   Continue to crack down on illegal room houses that destroy quality of life in neighborhoods. Done. 100%

28)   Establish Beautification Committee. Beautification Committee formed. 100%

29)   Complete children’s room at Town Hall-work with Junior League of Central Westchester, which voted to fund construction of room, on rules and regulations. Room to be relocated to small room near cafeteria. 0% the town bd rejected the concept

30)   Continue to work to close down Indian Point. co-sponsoredforum to organize opposition to re-licensing of Indian Point  (March 29). Over 200 people attended. Participated in meeting with Attorney General Elliot Spitzer to discuss transition after Indian Point closes. 100%

31)   Work with community groups-monitoring TZ bridge replacement. 100% I have organized and attended series of meetings with residents. We held one briefing for the Town Board. Another briefing planned in late January by the state.  Have also kept residents of Tarrytown/Irvington who have expressed concern about the bridge informed of developments.

32)   Aggressively monitor Ridge Hill development which is under review by City of Yonkers. Make sure that Greenburgh’s interests are represented. Town Board funded mailings to residents of Yonkersto enlist support against Ridge Hill. Participated in motorcade rally. Continuing to appropriate funds for outside legal counsel to represent Greenburgh. 100% The Town Board has also appropriated additional funds for our outside counsel.

33)   Finalize safety improvement plan of action at Sprain/Ardsley Roadintersection. 0%

34)   Meet with all school districts on a regular basis to coordinate how town will address certiorari cases in a cooperative manner. 100%  2 meetings held in 2005 (one in the spring/another in summer) with town school superintendents, the town attorney, assessor and supervisor

35)   Secure approval of Town Board to allow for live streaming of Town Board, Zoning Board, Planning Board meetings on the internet. 0% Board rejected proposal

36)   Amend zoning code to provide for new definition of health care/medical/clinics. Work with GreenburghNeighborhoodHealthCenterso that they are not forced to close down their operations due to lease not being renewed. Approved 100%

37)   Work with Housing Authority - help minimize inconveniences of residents during renovations of Maple Avehousing. Town to lease old Town Hall to Housing Authority for 8 months during the renovation. COMPLETED 100%

38)   Work with villages within the town- explore additional ways to share and save taxpayer dollars. Working with villages on proposal for town to dispatch police between midnightand 6 AM. Setting up committee to review ways to cut insurance costs. 100%    …we are funding, in the 2006 budget, a Marine Unit (Hudson River), SWAT team (police) and have applied for a grant so that the police departments within the villages of Greenburgh and unincorporated Greenburgh can use same frequency during emergencies.

39)   Place additional speed humps on at least one street. 50% we have finalized the location of a speed hump (Fieldstone Drive). We have the speed humps and equipment necessary to install. Weather permitting, the speed hump will be installed this year. If the weather does not cooperate we will install the speed hump in the spring.

40)   Approve new tree law, work with CAC-finalize revisions. 0%

41)   Use video conferencing equipment at Town Hall. 0%

42)   Complete construction of new storage facility at Town Hall. Move additional stored records from private facilities to town properties, reducing costs since the town currently has to pay for stored facilities. completed 100%

43)   Present to the NY state Legislature final draft of legislation that would provide volunteer police and ambulance corp members with bonus points when they take civil service exams. 100%  police chief  has been working on proposed legislation for over a year. A draft proposal will be presented to the State Legislature during the week of December 19th.

44)   Close on acquisition of 16.5 acres of vacant land located on Taxter Road. Approval of Taxter Ridge subdivision 100%

45)   Work with Habitat for Humanity to turn abandoned house at Taxter Ridge into an affordable house for a town employee who will provide caretaking services at new park. 0%

46)   Adopt flag lot prohibitions in high density single family district. 0%

47)   Ft. Hill Road-complete restoration of deteriorated path on Ft Hill Road(Jackson to Ardsley Road) 100%--the portion of the path that we intended to have complete this year has been completed.

48)   Work with service organizations and health clubs - find additional snow angels.  Some health clubs distributed literature during winter 2005 –attracting more snow angels. 100% complete  …have worked with fitness clubs, and school job placement offices in finding additional snow angels to assist in shoveling out seniors.

49)   Work in different departments during the year -interact with town employees and learn about different town jobs. Water department (5/27). 100% complete—worked in water and highway departments, building department, patrolled streets on Halloween with police chief, restored curbs on North Road

50)   Town Board should finalize location for new cable TV studio. 100% bd agreed to move cable TV studio to mail room.

51)   Work with school districts -set up student run news programs. First meeting held on 5/26. 20 students attended. 0% Have held meetings with students who have expressed interest in starting their own cable TV student run program. Although we have held meetings, no new program aired in 2005.

52)   Oversee smooth transition- change in garbage/recycling schedule. Develop action steps to promote recycling. Made changes to recycling schedule in mid winter. Promoted recycling by sending residents information about recycling. 100%

53)   Monitor Metro North construction of Hartsdale train station overpass- work with Metro North so that construction is completed before their July target date. Also, press Metro North to make sure that safety issues are addressed during construction. Overpass opened during peak PM hours in May. 40% the station overpass opened after July, not in July as stated in goal

54)   Place permanent signs indicating where different offices are at Town Hall - to replace temporary paper signs. ??? We anticipate that P/) will be issued before the end of the year for the new signs.

55)   Work to get light placed under Manhattan Ave 287 bridge which passes over Manhattan Ave. Dangerous to walk under the underpass at night because there are no lights. 50% the state committed to placing the lights under Manhattan Ave this winter.

56)   Obtain additional excess liability insurance coverage. insurance increases to 35 million dollars. 100%

57)   Upgrade the financial and payroll software to GUI. ????

58)   Set up a committee of residents from unincorporated Greenburgh and the villages to review budgeting and financial transactions charged to the A (Town Entire) Fund and B (Town Outside Villages) Fund based upon budgeting and accounting standards and pronouncements applicable to local governments in New York State committee formed. 100% completed. ….  Committee issued their report to the Town Board

59)   Review financial and budgeting procedures in the context of federal, state and government accounting standards and pronouncements. 0%

60)   Provide 40 passenger bus to meet growing needs of senior citizen population. This would be a cost effective way of serving a larger group on field trips without need for a second driver. 0%  waiting for delivery. Buses ordered.

61)   Begin refurbishment of gymnasium including bleachers, dividers, wall padding and mechanization of backboards at TheodoreYoungCommunity Center. 0%

62)   Resume lobbying effort to get state to commit timetable for 9A bypass. We have resumed our lobbying effort. Meeting with Mayors of Elmsford, Tarrytown, some civic leaders, a developer, representatives of state lawmakers resulted in consensus re: proposed bypass route. I’ve had a subsequent discussion with Regional Representative to the State DOT. 100%

63) Update Planning Department fees. 0%

64)   Administrative update-wetlands/watercourse and steep slope laws. The Planning Commiissioner has developed proposed laws which have been forwarded to the Planning Board.50%

65)   Prepare RFP for Hartsdale Streetscape Study (long term capital improvement project for district. 100%

66)   Building Department: Create online application forms that can be filled out and downloaded from the website Done 100%

67)   Reorganize administrative process to allow residents to email inspection appointment requests for building department. 100%

68)   Reduce costs of outside litigation by hiring additional attorney for litigation. 100%

69)   Increase legal department’s role in reducing Planning Board application backlog. 100% weekly meetings with Town Attorney, Planning Commissioner , Deputy Planning Commissioner, Deputy Building Inspector and Building Inspector every Monday at 2 PM has resulted in better understanding among departments and a smoother process/reduction in backlog

70)   Create procedure with Police, the Court, and the Town Attorney where judgments are obtained against town code violators who default as opposed to issuance or arrest or bench warrants. 100%

71)   Create a policy which eliminates favoritism in town court case adjudication (Town Attorney). 100% has established a policy. Police officers are no longer allowed to have direct contact with town attorney office or Judge prior to disposition of case.

72)   Create a Town Hall e mail/record retention policy. 100% Town Attorneyhas established an e mail/record retention policy

73)   Write and adopt Youth Sports Policy and Procedure Manual –Recreation Dept. 100%

74)   Work with neighboring communities and our Greenburgh Greenway Committee (Frank Jazzo) to support and advance the regional program of the Hudson River Valley Greenway and the National Heritage Area.  Work to get better access by means of trail to our parks and cultural and historical sites. 100%--- various programs initiated by Frank Jazzo, in cooperation with neighboring communities.

75)  Network with libraries, schools and neighboring communities to increase awareness of students and the public our local and regional history and the need for historic preservation. Continue to promote our local and regional history at the GreenburghTown Hall, the Library and other locations. 100%Town historian worked with Constantine Andreadis, advisor for Greenburgh Central 7 WISE program, concerning possible projects that WoodlandsHigh Schoolstudents might work on. Historian and Greenburgh Greenway Committee co-chair representing  town on Warburg campus restoration committee that has been meeting regularly throughout 2005. Beautification of campus, restoration of trails, more involvement with community, etc..Suggested that school district get more involved with Hudson RiverValleyand Greenburgh Greenway Programs and take advantage of grant opportunities. The school director of facilities has done that.Have also interacted with Greenburgh & Ardsley libraries to promote local history.

Promote bicycle and pedestrian safety education and improvements within the community.  Encourage the addition of bicycle racks to public buses in WestchesterCounty. 100% continue to have bicycle and pedestrian safety in schools through the crime prevention unit.  I’ve encouraged the county to place bike racks on public buses but was unsuccessful Represented Town of Greenburghand Ardsley Greenway Committee at Walkable communities workshop in October in Ardsley. Proposed joint cooperation on Greenway Trails between communities and connecting to South County Trailway and Riverwalk.

77)  Review ways to make access to GreenburghTown Hallmore accessible for the disabled population. Implement plan of action. Install door bell at Town Hall Doorbell installed. Funded in capital budgetnew door that will be accessible for disabled. 100%








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