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2015 capital budget: 4 million for road repaving...additional funds for police body camera's
Release Date: April 22, 2015

PROPOSED CAPITAL BUDGET INCLUDES 4 MILLION FOR ROAD REPAVING (LAST YEAR WE APPROPRIATED $1.5 MILLION)…additional funds for police body camera’s…curbs…new sanitation truck using one employee, not 3
I finalized my proposed capital budget which the Town Board will review and possibly modify in the coming weeks. A public hearing will be scheduled in May. Your feedback and comments are appreciated and welcome!

The proposed budget will fund $2.1 milliion in the A budget and $9.5 million in the B budget.


Roads in Greenburgh and around the county are in bad shape due to the weather and snow storms we have had this winter. Because of the poor road conditions, I am recommending that we appropriate $4.0 million on road repaving in 2015. Last year $1.5 million was funded in the capital budget for road repaving. 


The proposed capital budget includes $1.4 million to continue the townwide reassessment project. And, includes $50,000  for sidewalk design. This will enable the town to move quickly on sidewalk construction in certain neighborhoods where sidewalks have been promised.


We're purchasing a much needed passenger bus for the Theodore Young Community Center for $120,000  and are funding court light replacements at AF Veteran park for $36,000.  The police will purchase body camera's --an initiative advocated by the NAACP and being implemented nation-wide by law enforcement agencies.


We will be purchasing our third automated sanitation truck for $310,000--a truck that uses one employee instead of the current three. And, will be purchasing other vehicles and trucks for public works, the police and parks departments.


$200,000 has been recommened to repair the manor house at the Greenburgh Nature Center and $.4 million for curb rehabilitation.


More details about the proposed capital budget are contained below.  A thank you to all the department heads who submitted requests and to the Town Board for discussing these requests with the department heads earlier this year. Bart Talamini, comptroller and Roberta Romano, deputy comptroller are also deserving of our thanks for their assistance in preparing the capital budget.

Paul Feiner


 Below are summaries of all of the recommended projects for 2015:


Town Entire



Town Wide Revaluation - $1,350,000 – To continue the reassessment of all Real Property within the entire town to create equity and fairness among all taxpayers.


Central Data Processing

New Car - $25,000 – Old car is over 20 years old, not repairable and unsafe to drive.

Replace Old Storage Server - $85,500 – Current storage server is more than 5 years old.

Time & Attendance software & hardware update - $195,000 – To replace our current system, which is more than 15 years old. New software will integrate with Munis payroll system.


Planning and Zoning

Sidewalk Design/Survey Work– $50,000 - The proposal consists of sidewalk-related work at two locations. Regarding 600 White Plains Road, survey work must prepared which will be provided to an applicant who will design and construct over 2,000 linear feet of sidewalk. Regarding the Greenburgh Health Center, survey work and related maps must be prepared in connection with NYSDOT land donation. The estimate of cost also includes design work, NYSDOT work permit filing and construction oversight.

New Department Vehicle– $20,000 – A new department vehicle is needed and will be utilized for construction site visit monitoring, tree inspections, wetlands review, application site review visits, package deliveries to Board Members, off site meetings with various municipal leaders and project coordinators. The current department vehicle is past its safe and useful lifespan and will be experiencing major breakdowns and failures on a more consistent basis.


Advanced Life Support

Ambulance - $157,000 – An ambulance will also be needed to replace the aging civilian paramedic ambulance that will have high mileage and become repair prone.

Sport Utility Vehicle and Associated Equipment- $43,000 – This vehicle will be used to replace the Chevrolet Tahoe being used as Village Paramedic Fly car, which will have accumulated high mileage at the time of the proposed replacement. Historically, we have found that it is not cost effective to continue to maintain vehicles that have accumulated high mileage.

Stryker Equipment - $153,600 – 4 – STRYKER Power-LOAD cot fastener system and 4 Replacement Power Pro Stretchers. The Power-LOAD cot fastener system and stretchers improves operator and patient safety by supporting the cot throughout the loading and unloading process. It lifts or lowers the cot into and out of the ambulance The reduction in spinal load helps prevent cumulative trauma injuries. Power-LOAD wirelessly communicates with Power-PRO™ cots for ease of operation and maximum operator convenience.



Town Outside Villages


Theodore D. Young Community Center

Passenger Van- $120,000 – The current fleet includes 3 passenger school buses that have ventured throughout the state of New York on numerous TDYCC and Town of Greenburgh sponsored trips.  We have reached a point where the maintenance of one vehicle over the cost of a year can be offset by making an investment in a more reliable upgraded passenger bus. Bus #130 is showing signs of significant wear and tear and has slim chances of making it through 2015.


Parks and Recreation

Regular Cab One Ton Dump Truck/Plow- $34,000 – This truck would replace truck #111 which is a 2002, 1-ton, regular cab pick-up with 82,158 miles, The bed portion of this truck is rusted and no longer has a tailgate (due to rust). It is used primarily by our baseball/soccer field crew and is used extensively for snow plowing.

4 Door Passenger Vehicle- $24,500– This vehicle will replace #107. This vehicle will replace the Chevy Impala that was purchased in 2001 and  has over 70,000 miles and used by the Recreation Division of the department.  This is part of the vehicle rotation program. 

Mini Compactor SanitationTruck - $100,000 – This truck would replace the S truck which is a 2002 model hand me down from DPW. A new vehicle is needed due to age, miles and rust.  The general foreman for the repair shop and parks department staff recommend that this be replaced immediately.  Need this vehicle to pick up trash in our parks especially during the busy outdoor seasons.

John Deere Gang Mower (128" wide cut)- $54,000– The town’s existing gang riding mower was purchased in 2007 and is responsible for cutting 80% of parks with lawn areas.  This piece of equipment has been breaking down frequently and paralyzes our grass cutting operations when it goes down.  The goal is to replace this piece of equipment and use the existing one at Harts Brook Park and Preserve and be a backup when the newer mower is down or being serviced.

Roof Renos AFV, Travis and Yosemite- $53,000– The pavilion at Yosemite Park was built in the 1980’s which still have the original shingles on them and they need to be replaced.  The shelter at the AFV Park Pool Concession Stand was built in 2003 with inferior materials and section of the roof are bowing and causing water leaks.  Both received damage from the Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Travis Hill Park building that has restrooms and houses the utilities is in desperate need of repair and new shingles and Massaro Park’s building has leaks and needs to be addressed immediately. 

AFV Tennis Courts Light Replacements- $36,000– In the fall of 2002 five of the courts were shut down due to damage to the light system due to age and corrosion.  An electrician inspected the system and recommended that the courts not be used until fixed.  Repairing the existing system was not cost efficient or safe.  A Sports Lighting Sales Representative was contacted which recommended that a four-phase light replacement program be implemented. Phase I was implemented in 2003 and Phase II in 2004. Since then the light replacement program keeps getting deferred. Some additional courts were

repaired on an emergency basis The remaining courts that need light replacements  are

courts 1 & 2 (4 poles), 14 (3 poles) and 15 & 16 (4 poles). Courts 1 and 2 presently are not working.

Crane Pond Survey & Soil Testing- $46,000– This is a two phase project. Silt build up has been significant the last few decades causing an increase in algae blooming during the warm weather season. The last time the pond was fully dredged was around 1984.  By dredging the pond it will help the healthy plants grow, improve the fish growth and allow for faster freezing for winter ice skating.  It will also hopefully minimize the use of approved chemicals to treat plant life. Phase I is needed to survey the pond and to test sediment to determine if the soil is contaminated and how much soil will be required to be removed.  In addition this is required by the NYS DEC and based on the level of contaminated the soil is that will determine the cost for disposal. This is needed to determine the cost for removing sediment in the bottom of the pond. Phase II will involve the removal and disposal of the sediment, that could be costly based on the condition of the soil.



Police Cars - Unmarked- $116,000 – The four unmarked Chevrolet Impala police sedans will replace four vehicles with moderate mileage that will be transferred for use by the Detective Division as replacements for four, high-mileage vehicles that will be taken out of service. There will also be a need to replace some of the emergency equipment required to outfit the vehicles.  Replacement of these vehicles is consistent with the vehicle replacement program the Police Department has followed

Police Cars – Sport Utility Vehicle - $86,000 – Two of the SUVs will replace the two patrol supervisor SUVs allowing their current vehicles to replace aging SUVs in the Community Policing Unit and Special Operations Unit.

Police Cars – Marked Pick-Up Truck - $32,000 – The One (1) Ford F-250 Pick-Up for use by the Traffic unit, will replace the 13 year old high mileage 2 wheel drive van and be used to deploy barricades (often times during inclement weather), also to be used to deploy the new Digital Speed displays with portable bases and poles, portable traffic control devices, (7) small generators for traffic signals, trailer mounted generators and several other types of trailers which are towed to locations throughout the town. 

Sport Utility Vehicle and Associated Equipment- $40,000 – This vehicle will be used to replace the Chevrolet Tahoe being used as the police paramedic vehicle, which will have accumulated high mileage at the time of the proposed replacement. Historically, we have found that it is not cost effective to continue to maintain vehicles that have accumulated high mileage.

Police Body Cameras - $30,000 – Body cameras worn by officers which will provide our agency with captured video for any event type with easy deployment. These cameras have a 130 degree lens, which provides a wide field of view capture, Retina low light technology and can mount to almost any part of the officer’s uniform. This project would provide the department with 18 body cameras, and give us the ability to load all video to the cloud for easy storage and access.

Taser Weapons - $21,320 – This purchase will provide patrol members with a readily available “less that lethal” option in the force continuum reducing the necessity of employment of deadly physical force.

Expandable Batons - $17,400 – We are requesting this purchase of 120 autolock batons to transition over to the expandable batons from the PR-24 models we currently use. The Westchester Police Academy no longer trains recruit officers in the use of the PR-24. The academy currently only trains recruit officers in the use of the expandable and straight batons.

Radio Network Upgrade - $165,000 – Two years ago the police department embarked on a two year radio network infrastructure upgrade. This upgrade addressed end-of-life system component issues last upgraded fifteen (15) years ago. The major system components targeted in 2013 during phase I included two (2) GTR 8000 repeaters (base sites) and eight (8) GPW 8000 receivers. This year’s request represents the second and final step in the upgrade process to include replacement of our current radio comparator which is end-of-life. By example, we experienced a failure in a power supply last year and found obtaining parts to be increasingly troublesome. Phase II includes engineering and design for acquisition of GCM 8000 comparator with software associated with existing GTR/GPW 8000 stations. In addition, the upgraded backend IP based equipment in this second phase will allow for future expansion/upgrade.

Headquarters Security Cameras - $45,000 – There are several areas on the police department grounds not covered by video surveillance, particularly our impound lot, gas pumps, and some entrances to the building. It is extremely important to monitor all activity both inside and outside the building and the surrounding area. The existing cameras have helped in a multitude of areas such as false complaints against the police

department, the monitoring of behavior of all personnel, theft claims, personal injury claims, etc. As a law enforcement agency we need to monitor people for the purpose of managing, directing, and protecting them. Without complete surveillance, we leave ourselves liable.

L-3 Mobile Vision Equipment - $36,000 – L-3 Mobile-Vision provides rugged and reliable equipment and systems that allow our agency to capture, manage and communicate critical information in a safe, secure and reliable manner. Currently we have 7 in-car units that will be out of warranty at the end of 2014 and do not have the latest technology offered from L-3. We also need to replace the access points (2) which receive the data and store it to our storage server. Lastly, we would like to supply cameras to three additional units in the fleet. This system on numerous occasions has provided the police department with video needed for a multitude of reasons and needs to be replaced.

Panasonic Toughbooks- $32,500 – The original 6 toughbooks we purchased are no longer covered by warranty. These are in-car computers, which provide our police force with a multitude of services during their tour. Some examples include: premise history, NYS registration and license checks, BOLO photos for known or alleged criminals, navigation/map for the entire unincorporated town of Greenburgh.

Time Clock & Schedule Software- $24,500 – Network Time Clock -For communications section, SIU Recorder and all computer functions of the Police Department that require reliable timing to accurately synchronize networks, systems, and devices and to log

Police (continued)

events with legally traceable time. Currently we have NO system in place and all clocks on servers, and recorders DO NOT MATCH. Ideal for synchronizing 9-1-1 systems, computer networks, CAD, radio consoles, VOIP, voice and video recorders, ANI/ALI, display clocks. Schedule Soft Upgrade - Current version will no longer be supported. It will be a cloud based web setup and costs will vary by the amount of personnel in the software. This software is critical to the operation of the police department as it maintains individual officer schedules throughout the year.


Public Works

Vehicles and Machinery– the following are the components of this category and are part of the on-going vehicle replacement program:

Automated Refuse Collection- $310,000 – Deployment of an automated refuse collection vehicle is expected to reduce collection costs and increase collection efficiencies. 

Reduce labor costs suggest less than a 4-year investment payoff.  This will help control future service costs.

Replacement  Trucks-Highway Cl 8- $280,000 – (1) Our large capacity, heavy duty fleet of highway trucks used for snow and ice control, heavy debris hauling, asphalt carrying and other heavy work are very aged. It is proposed to replace one of our 1970’s vintage

trucks.  All are well past any expected useful life, parts are difficult to obtain, repairs are costly, and reliability is poor.

Medium Duty Truck with Snow Plow- $192,000 – (2) The existing vehicles used are well past the expected useful life, no longer meets our needs and is rusted and should be removed from service.  New vehicles offer improved fuel efficiencies, better suited to current needs and will have costs savings from less repair needs. These are the workhorse of the fleet and used daily. One vehicle caught fire and burned this past winter while being driven during the workday.  It is a total loss and insured value is below our deductible.

Dump Truck with Snow Plow- $265,000 – (1) The existing vehicle used are well past the expected useful life, no longer meets our needs and is rusted and should be removed from service.  New vehicles offer improved fuel efficiencies, better suited to current needs and will have costs savings from less repair needs. These are the workhorse of the winter fleet, and seasonal asphalt work.

Replacement vehicles Sanitation– $56,000 - (2) Pick-up style trucks with open containers in the rear are used along many sanitation routes. These vehicles augment sanitation collection, especially along narrow streets and dead-ends. They provide efficient movement around Town and respond to many needs of the community for sanitation collection services.It is proposed to replace two of the twelve expediters in the fleet.  The vehicles scheduled for replacement are over 12 years old. They have outlived their useful life. The smaller trucks are more efficient and maneuverable around the neighborhoods. 

Replacement vehicle  - Maintenance- $70,000 – (2) Highway Department Foreman vehicles have deteriorated due to heavy use.  Heavy duty pick-ups are needed to replace existing.   Foreman must have ability to get to job sites, plow, and bring supplies and equipment to site as needed.

Automated Fuel Tank Monitoring– $80,000 - The process for monitoring fuel needs for each of the 6 above ground tanks is a manual process and not automated or integrated into our fuel computer system.  The process involves climbing up to the top of each tank and dipping a measuring stick into the tank.  We have no way of monitoring the gallons in each tank, or verifying deliveries are accurate.  Automating the fuel will enable better use of our fuel system, better tracking, and better delivery coordination.

Automated Refuse Lifter– $40,000 - (2) Many Town dead end roads are too small for large Sanitation Truck to maneuver.  A pick-up truck can be used to continue the automated collection, equipped with a mechanical lifting and dumping system. This smaller vehicles is similar to our existing “S” Truck service.

Replace Air Compressor– $40,000 - Air compressor used in every day highway work.  Existing compressor is aging and failing.

Replace Backhoe- $125,000– Replace 1999 Case backhoe.  This equipment is used for excavating while performing roadway maintenance to drains, road surfaces, sewers and other utility needs when excavation is needed.  It is in poor repair, requiring significant mechanical work estimated at over $30,000 to the hydraulic system and mechanical arms.  It is well past its useful and expected life. A hammer attachment is requested to enable more efficient breaking of pavement when needed for repair work.

Replace Forklift- $45,000 – The forklift is a basic part of any Highway Department.  This equipment enables lifting, excavating, assisting for many aspects of the department’s daily work.  Maintenance projects are delayed as the forklift is fatigued and beyond repairs.

New Dump Bucket-Highway- $20,000 – A newer style bucket for the pay-loader will greatly enhance our efficiency when working roadside.  The newer bucket allows discharge of material through a sideways tilting action, and lessens the need for the truck to block traffic and maneuver perpendicular to the project site to deliver material.  Use of a side discharging bucket will lessen traffic delays due to multiple lane closure as the work crew will no longer need full access across the roadway to perform certain tasks.

Road Resurfacing - $4,000,000 – Roadway surfaces deteriorate with time.  Roadways have numerous potholes and other pavement distresses creating a poor quality surface. Infrastructure needs are significant and improving can enhance quality of living in Greenburgh.

Curbing Rehabilitation - $400,000 – Curbing helps flow of storm water. Reduces roadside erosion, protects some properties from road run-off flooding, and enhances neighborhood aesthetics.  Annual re-investment to Town owned curbing. Curbing deteriorates and annual program needed to maintain.

Guide Rail Repair - $180,000 – Inventorying of this roadside asset shows significant deterioration to the existing rails and cables.  In several places it is no longer providing any safety.  It is basic road maintenance to maintain safety features.  Guide rail provides a level of safety to motorists from certain potential hazards along the roadways.

Repair Garage doors DPW Garage - $21,000 – At the DPW garage facility, all 40 of the overhead doors are in need of repairs including safety edge, reel cords, seals, panels, controls and basic adjustments and maintenance to enable them to continue to operate effectively and safely.

Repairs GNC Manor House - $200,000 – Review of site conditions at the manor house has shown asbestos insulation in use in some storage areas.  Work areas have lead paint

present and deteriorating.  Electrical deficiencies have been noted in several areas.  Each of these items present potential health and safety hazards and must be resolved.

Visit our web site at www.greenburghny.com and view archived Supervisors Reports.
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