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Supervisors 2002 Goals (Final)
Release Date: December 11, 2002


Supervisor Paul Feiner places $5000 in an escrow account each year. The Supervisor announces his goals at the first Town Board meeting in January. At the end of the year the Town Council evaluates his performance and decides how much of his salary should be returned--based on implementation of stated goals.

On December l0,2002 the Town Board evaluated Supervisor Feiner and determined that the Supervisor should return $784 to the taxpayers. Feiner achieved 84.3l% of his 6 l goals.

The following is a summary of the goals:

Provide and Implement Well Informed, Strategically Sound Plan for the Town (l-9)

l. Approve the Comprehensive Plan. Adopt Zoning Ordinance that regulates development on steep slopes and wetlands (receive credit only if complete).  DID NOT ACCOMPLISH    0%

2. Complete the design, environmental review and bidding processes required for the high pressure zone loop west connection project (second source of high pressure water to East Irvington and the north-end of Town).  Design completed. Environmental review completed. 80%

3. Continue to work with other communities to monitor the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement/repair.  Trustee Sher Chorost of Tarrytown provided briefing to the Town Board on 9/25 re: GUARDs work. Invited GUARD to produce and air cable TV information programs which have aired on Greenburgh public access TV. Interviewed representatives of GUARD on my WVOX radio program.  l00%

4. Revise and update the Town's emergency management plan.  The department continues to revise its present plan which is more than l0 years old and badly out of date. The new plan will be a comprehensive document that will include the 3 phases of comprehensive emergency management which are Risk Reduction, Response and Recovery. Although some of the plan has already been drafted (that dealing with declarations of a local state of emergency by the supervisor), meetings will be held in early 2003 with all emergency service providers along with the Town's Department of Public Works to help finalize the plan. 33%

5. Further Improve the Town's safety program through the safety committee. Safety committee meets once a month. We received an improved rating with PERMA. Provided training to ensure that the town continues to provide safe working environment for its employees and that adequate protection is provided for property and equipment. l00%

6. Review the Town's land use enforcement provisions and make recommendations for improvements. Various meetings were held. Waiting for recommendations from CAC  50%

7. Restructure the Planning Department-oversee the transition to a full time Commissioner. Town Board appointed Mark Stellato as Commissioner of Planning on January 9th.  l00%

8. Continue to monitor the department's procedures for handling terrorist activities/security issues.  The police department has improved its ability to thwart and manage any potential terrorist threat. We have provided training to staff members to recognize biological and chemical threats and by generating standardized procedures to address them. Have procured specialized safety equipment and drugs to provide our medical staff with the ability to safely treat and evacuate patients contaminated by chemical weapons such as Sarin gas. Procured specialized equipment and training for our Technical Rescue Team to facilitate rescues in special situations, such as building collapse, that are often associated with terrorist activities. Stepped up police patrol and surveillance of the most likely targets of terrorists such as waster distribution systems, Jewish houses of worship and schools, telephone and power distribution systems. Continued to train both regular department personnel and members of the Auxiliary Police in radiological preparedness in the event of an accident or terrorist incident at Indian Point. Participated in drills under the supervision of FEMA. We also train with and are part of an 8 department countywide quick response tactical unit involving the FBI, State Police, county Police, Mt. Vernon, Yonkers, White Plains and Peekskill to tactically support any facility or municipality in Westchester (Indian Point, County Airport) that may be subjected to a terrorist attack. l00%

9. Take additional action steps to address Elmsford Flood control project. On September 23rd the Town was notified that approval has been granted for funding to elevate homes in the flood prone neighborhood of Babbitt Court. Up to $859,500 available supplemented by a 25% local share. We also approved flood plain management and hazard mitigation plan. l00%

Improve Communications and Information Flow  (l0-l5)

l0.  Provide more public access program cable TV opportunities for residents-air more programs, reactivate cable TV Advisory Board to help develop policies re: cable TV scheduling, programming. Town signed a 2 year lease at 297 Knollwood Road for new cable TV station HQ. Cable TV Advisory Board made recommendations at 9/25 Town Board meeting. Town Board approved budget which includes new position of access station manager to work with cable operations engineer. Moving towards creating a truly independent board that will be insulated from the appearances of political interference. Some residents who have requested programs still have not been provided with program--although we anticipate that this will change early next year. Interim Board to coordinate transition to independent BD to be appointed. 70%

ll. Load all available County data (steep slopes, wetlands, topography) onto the Internet.  DONE  l00%

l2. Load tax department data on GIS for in house use. DONE l00%

l3. Load zoning map onto the GIS. DONE l00%

l4. Connect and make live the GIS to all villages. Dobbs Ferry and Tarrytown on line. 33%

l5. Place applications for zoning, planning and STAR on the Internet. DONE l00%

Standardize and Streamline Processes (l6-22)

l6. Conduct periodic forums for Realtors and resident son procedures to expedite obtaining certificates of occupancy. Information Forum held August l4th IS YOUR CLIENTS HOUSE READY FOR SALE. Program aired on cable.  l00%

l7. Equip field inspectors with a text message paging system for direct communications to speed up enforcement.  DONE  l00%

l8. Implement building department application forms availability on the Internet. DONE l00%

l9.  Upgrade software system to improve and accelerate field inspections for the Building Department.  Approved in 2003 budget  75%

20. Seek State legislation relieving senior citizens of their obligation to reapply each year for their STAR benefits. State budget implemented this reform. Previously, if someone forgot to reapply they lost their STAR benefits. Under the new process assessors will provide a list of STAR recipients to the State Department of Taxation and Finance to verify STAR eligibility.  l00%

2l. Streamline approval process: planning, zoning and town boards. Meeting on May 29th held with Planning, Zoning and Town Boards. Monthly administrative meetings held with planning, building, engineering and legal department staffs.  50%

22. Conduct comprehensive review of code to identify unconstitutional laws, laws that create ambiguity and legislation that may have outlived its usefulness. Make code more user friendly. This goal will take more than one year to complete but should be started in 2002.  Accumulated laws. Haven't drafted.  50%

Improve Quality of Life  (23-34)

23. Continue to oversee revitalization efforts on E Hartsdale Ave with streetscape enhancements, pursue facade enhancements and investigate possible funding sources. SYNERGY and Animal Hospital completed facelift. New Italian restaurant completed streetscaping. Cybermobile makes weekly stops on Ave   l00%

24. Continue to lobby for outside funding sources to acquire Taxter Ridge as a new park (previously known as Unification Church property). Town Board approved resolution committing to spending $3 million or 25% of the acquisition costs of Taxter Ridge. State committed to funding a third of the costs.  l00%

25. Adopt regulation restricting animal act circuses at Greenburgh parks, similar to models used in other states. Town Board approved local law on May 22nd to ban animal act circuses on town property. l00%

26. Place additional speed humps on streets. Finalize a comprehensive speed hump evaluation, installation and inspection program. Evaluations have been done on over a half dozen streets. However, because of engineering considerations speed humps haven't been placed on these streets. 25%

27. Install permanent type reflective pavement markings along portions of town roadways determined appropriate.  DONE l00%

28. Implement a tree pruning program throughout the town's park system. DONE l00%

29.Continue efforts to increase the number of playing fields in Greenburgh for soccer, baseball or football. LCOR has agreed to provide Greenburgh recreation with access to their playing field at their EASTVIEW campus.  l00%

30.Increase recycling. Oversee and evaluation the new holiday garbage/recycling schedule. Address transition issues by developing a plan to help residents increase their recycling. Called residents by automated phone in January reminding them of new holiday schedules. made Sanitation Garage available to those who have excess garbage. More evaluations to be done.  90%

3l. Monitor environmental review of Target proposal. Work with villages of Hastings and Ardsley, County, State officials and Yonkers to meet goal of creating an alternative local access road to reduce increasing traffic burden. Target withdrew application. Joint Town  Board/Hastings meeting in January to discuss possible access roads. County Executive proposed different alternative roads.  l00%
32. Oversee and monitor the new school resource officer program in Woodlands High School.  DONE . Resource Officer has taken proactive measures that have prevented incidents from occurring l00%

33. Coordinate citizens committee seeking Indian Point shutdown. Work for improved safety measures. Coordinated citizens lobbying effort which results in more than 42 municipal, county and school boards approving resolutions calling for shutdown of Indian Point. Red flag designation of Indian Point by Fed's lifted. County Executive Spano proposed county study of county condemnation of Indian point --to shut down plant.  l00%

34.  Establish  a student developed memorial for victims of the 9/ll tragedy at the Multipurpose Center/Theodore Young Community Center. Dedication ceremony  of garden at AF Veteran Park took place on 9/ll/02.  l00%

Maintain/Improve High Level of Public Services and Facilities  35-52

35. Finalize State accreditation of police.  rules and regs have been completely rewritten to comply with state standards. l00%

36. conduct an in depth analysis of all arrests, part l and key part ii offenses, that occurred in 200l to determine their frequency and other key information. Done  l00%

37.  Make final decision relating to new Town Hall/Library location. Town Board approved acquisition of l77 Hillside Ave for new town hall. Acquired building for $6.9 million. Building cost over l2 million to build in l992 and replacement value would be over 20 million today. Board votes to retain services of architect/planner to expand library at current site.  l00%

38. Finish remodeling the Anthony Veteran Park Nutrition Kitchen. DONE l00%

39. Secor Woods Park renovations, refurbish picnic grove II, improve surface drainage and enhance park entrance area. Done  l00%

40. Establish an additional entrepreneurial program for local students-student run business. Started a training program at the Theodore Young Community Center with 22 students. 80%

4l. Approve long term lease for the Greenburgh Nature Center. 25 year lease approved on August 2lst  l00%

42. Design and secure funding using developer's recreation escrow and capital budget funding for constructing an interactive children's wading pool at the Anthony Veteran pool complex. Town Board approved 2002 capitol budget which includes funding for interactive wading pool. In December rejected bids. Bids came over budget. 50%

43. Get the Youth Court program back fully functional after a hiatus of several years. Done  l00%

44. Complete phase II of the pool renovation project at TDYCC  Done l00%

45  Implement facility improvements at the Greenburgh Nature Center, as approved in the town's 2002 capital budget. Birds of prey exhibit ground breaking ceremony took place in October. Lighting component not complete. 50%

46. Hire full time Special Recreation program Director, offer more program opportunities for residents with disabilities and attempt to execute an inter municipal agreement with the six villages. Susan Edelstein hired to coordinate special recreation program. Agreement reached. l00%

47. Open Skate park at East Rumbrook Park in the summer or earlier. Designed, installation complete, but skate park did not open  No CREDIT  0%

48. Start cyber-book mobile programs throughout the town. Cybermobile dedicated June l5th. Making stops throughout town. l00%

49. Install and open an 85% accessible playground at the Virginia Road School this summer. ACCOMPLISHED. Features include: swing that can be operated with arms, not legs, for kids who are paraplegic. ramps are extra wide to accommodate wheelchairs and young ones who have difficulties walking. Tactile objects and other displays for kids with autism and down's syndrome.  l00%

50. Design plans and secure funding for Glenville Woods for constructing a playground, small parking lot, a basketball shooting pad and information kiosk. Secured consultant, held public discussion on site. Will finish plan in early 2003.  50%

5l. Complete work on the Greenburgh Irvington Catskill Pump Station and at the Knollwood Pump Station (receive credit only if complete). Observed pumping on l2/l0   l00%

52. Finalize WESTHELP transition (receive credit only if complete). Neighborhood Association voted to support extension of homeless shelter by a vote of 90-ll on Feb 2lst. Town Board authorized Town Attorney to finalize extended lease re: WESTHELP.  l00%

Maximize and Make Most Efficient Use of Financial Resources (53-6l)

53. Develop an email reminder program to be sent out for 2nd half school tax due in January to those requesting reminders. DONE  l00%

54. Improve Collection of Delinquent taxes to minimize potential foreclosures. Moody's Bond rating agency complimented town on prudent fiscal management and excellent tax collections. 540 parcels of delinquent property reduced to 23.  70 tax agreements signed  l00%

55. Continue to review and analyze the GASB 34 reporting requirements with the expectation of preparing the town's financial statements in conformity with the regulation one year in advance to ensure the town's compliance in the mandated year of 2003. Hired consultant.  l00%

56. Establish an internal audit program to assist the Town's departments in properly monitoring their internal controls over personnel, cash management, fixed assets, including the review and implementation of recommendations that the town feels are appropriate from the Sector Management Report. 3 people hired to conduct internal audits. Equipment repair, IT security audits, financial audits.   l00%

57. Establish  a program in data processing, based on a needs assessment, to manage projects by better utilizing the skills of the town's system manager. Hired new employee. l00%

58. Comptroller's office to coordinate more computer training programs and management training programs to enhance the abilities of town employees. First of about a dozen programs held on Oct l0.   l00%

59. conduct evaluation of all permit fees for all departments within town. Building Department increased fees. Planning Department reviewed fees.  l00%

60. Initiate an adopt a road program. Utilize private sponsorship to fund elevated levels of right of way maintenance where needed. NOT DONE 0%

6l. Enhance the preventive maintenance program for the Town's fleet using data secured from the automated fueling system. Software in place.  75%

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