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Announcing Greenburgh's GREEN YOUR MILES campaign
Release Date: February 01, 2008


Gas prices and global warming: two great reasons to think about how to “green” the ways we get around. Reducing the number of miles we drive alone helps lower our use of fossil fuels and reduces our carbon footprint; it also saves on the cost of gas and vehicle wear and tear, and helps reduce local air pollution and traffic congestion. Solutions? Carpooling and ridesharing; taking public transportation; walking and biking.

With Greenburgh’s “Green Your Miles” campaign, we hope to raise Greenburgh residents’ awareness about ways to save money and reduce their environmental impact while on the move. Information about some solutions can be found at:

· http://www.NuRide.com, a free and highly flexible online ridesharing service that offers rewards (such as gift certificates) for sharing rides, not just for commuting but for any reason

· http://www.GoLoco.org, a service that helps people and communities create their own personal public transportation network

· http://www.MetroPool.com, help with commuter alternatives including carpooling, vanpooling, and public transportation.

· And at http://www.greenburghny.com, click on “Save Energy” on the left of the home page, then check out the “Transportation” section.

An interview with MetroPool CEO John Lyons about ridesharing and other commuter alternatives can be seen currently on “The Energy Show” on Greenburgh cable channels 75 and 76.

So… “Green Your Miles,” save some money, and help the planet! Share your success stories in “greening your miles”; write pfeiner@greenburghny.com.

(Questions? Contact the Energy Conservation Coordinator at 993-1649.)


Paul Feiner

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