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town to receive 2 or 3 full electric vehicles at cost of $10 a month per car
Release Date: April 28, 2009


Steve Stein of MINI of Westchester (which is located on Tarrytown Road in Greenburgh) appeared before the Greenburgh Town Board at our work session with a fantastic and exciting offer. The town will be working with MINI and will receive two or three full electric vehicles-- no engine. The cost to the town: $10 (yes, $10) a month.
These cars are capable of going up to 120 miles depending on driving habits. The more you step on the brake the further they go since they use regenerative brake power. Ideally we would like only one or two people as the primary drivers since feedback will be required each month.
MINI will provide the charging station box and installation costs.
This is a  1 year closed end lease. There are no extensions and the town will not have the opportunity to purchase. There are no mileage restrictions. The car does NOT have a back seat - that is where the batteries are located.
Every 3000 miles or 6 months the town will be required to bring the car in to us for inspection. Roadside assistance is included in the event of a failure. MINI may install a tracking/Lojack type device should the car get stolen.
Delivery would be in the late May/June timeframe.
I am very excited about this initiative. Greenburgh has been a leader in the field of energy conservation/green technology. We were the first locality in the Hudson Valley to create the post of Energy Conservation Coordinator. We were the first local government in New York State and the 2nd in the nation to mandate energy star in new residential construction. A proposal is under consideration to mandate LEEDS in new commercial construction. The Town Hall is partially powered with solar panels and the library uses geothermal energy.
It's my hope that Greenburgh will continue to lead by example. We plan to apply for stimulus grants for additional green technology.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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