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Abandoned gas station on Central Ave/Old Army Road to open...leaves to be bagged
Release Date: April 25, 2012

The Greenburgh Town Board cleared the way for Cumberland Farms to open up a convenience store and pumping station on Central Ave and Old Army Road tonight. The boarded up station now can reopen as a permitted use. I am very pleased. It sends a powerful message to the business community that the town is determined to do what we can to replace abandoned vacant storefronts with new vibrant stores. The abandoned station has been an eyesore for years. And, many Edgemont residents have complained!
The Board also approved a local law to require property owners or the agents to place leaves in bags for pick up and collection. We hope this new law will encourage residents to mulch their leaves. The new policy, which is currently in place in the villages and in many communities in Westchester, will enable the town to pick up leaves once a week instead of once every six or seven weeks. We will be able to cut down on overtime and assign crews to other duties--making sure drains are clear (will reduce flooding), cleaning up the roads, etc..
Waterwheel affordable housing meeting postponed to June...
I spoke with the attorney who represents the waterwheel affordable housing project in Ardsley. The town has been working with the village of Ardsley trying to turn foreclosed land into affordable housing opportunities. Although approvals have been given for construction-- no work has started. Some members of the Town Board and I have expressed concern.
We asked for a progress report and received the following statement. " As stated we are moving forward, the land use approvals are all secured and we are down to a few final pieces needing to fall into place to permit us to proceed to closing on the property and constructing the project. As a result, please postpone our appearance at the work session next week until June when we expect to be in a position to finalize our plans with the Town. We will continue to inform you of our progress in the interim. Thank you."
I am very pleased. Seems like the affordable housing proposal is back on track.

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