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Public Service Commission complaint form...summary of conversation with municipal officials
Release Date: November 05, 2012

I have been on the phone with Con Ed and municipal officials from around the county (municipal conference call). Every municipal official who called had the same complaints we have in Greenburgh ---inadequate crews being sent to local governments to help with restoration of power.  Some local governments haven’t even had Con Ed crews assigned to them.
What is stressing me out, more than anything,are the calls I receive from people with severe illnesses  The lack of power (and their refusal to leave their homes) could be dangerous. I wonder how many of the frail elderly won’t make it because they are staying in their homes and refuse to go to a shelter or accept an offer to stay in someone else’s home?  Many people have volunteered to be house angels. So far—only  5 people have asked to be matched up (and I spent six hours this weekend at the library going up to people –asking people if they want me to match them).
During the municipal call Con Ed officials indicated that they are doing what I suggested previously: hiring retirees to help out. Still think that Con Ed should hire licensed electricians and have different crews work around the clock.
The Public Service Commission oversees Con Ed. If you want to file a complaint- the form is below:

It only takes one minute to file the complaint using this online form: http://www3.dps.ny.gov/ocs/itgate.nsf/webDPS_Complaint?OpenForm&Seq=2#_RefreshKW_Utility_ID


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