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Patrolling streets on Halloween night...
Release Date: November 01, 2004


During the past l3 years Chief John Kapica and I have patrolled the streets on Halloween night. Before I took office as Town Supervisor Halloween night was one of the busiest nights of the year for the police department-with lots of mischief and vandalism.. Each year the chief and I drive throughout the town, stopping by at homes that have experienced problems in previous years.  We’ve made “Halloween housecalls” to one E Irvingtonfamily for 13 years. And, haven’t had problems in that neighborhood. Last night we stopped by at a home in Edgemont and chatted with residents who reside near the Ardsley/Greenburgh border in unincorporated Greenburgh. I was pleased that the problems they experienced previously did not repeat itself this Halloween.

As far as Halloween nights are concerned, the evening of October 31st, 2004would have to be considered one of the quietest experienced in recent history.   Greenburgh Police had 29 police officers and 6 members of the Auxiliary force assigned to patrol Greenburgh's streets between 4:00 p.m.and midnightyesterday.  During this 8-hour period a total of 70 calls for service were received.  Of these, 21 were juvenile complaints relating to youngsters throwing eggs and using shaving cream on mailboxes and motor vehicles.  There were 4 criminal mischief complaints where damage caused by revelers was reported.  All were minor in nature. Additionally, during this same period police responded to 5 automobile accidents, 9 false alarms, 7 medical emergencies, 6 traffic complaints a domestic incident and a missing person (a youngster who had walked away from his parents while trick or treating and was found a short time later).  Only one arrest was made and it was not for an offense related to Halloween.  Police also confiscated 41 cans of shaving cream and 17 dozen eggs.  

Greenburgh, Town Supervisor

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