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Progress report: split telephone poles being replaced
Release Date: August 06, 2013

Earlier this summer I complained to the NYS Public Service Commission and to Verizon about split Verizon poles. Some of the poles have been split for months/years.
Some residents expressed concern about the poles. Verizon assigned a contact to address the problems and some progress has been made. If there are split telephone poles in your area please advise and I will reach out to my contact and get the poles replaced.
The following progress report was sent to me by the Verizon liaison. If you are not satisfied with the work that has been done please let me know. I will follow up.
Paul Feiner
*Sprain Road-low cable fixed last week. As of last week cable TV has to raise re/tension their wires.
*Longview and Ferndale complete
*3 Harmony Lane complete
* pole in front of 8 Eastwood Place, Elmsford complete
*pole replaced on Ardsley Road (near Scarsdale)
*Pole replaced at Wittington
*Pole fixed in front of 355 Old Tarrytown Road.
*2 poles removed from Pineridge
*Pole complaint cared for near 159 Columbia
*Pole problem addressed near 8 Rogers
Gregory Edwards at 62 Chaucher St. is cared for (pole has been removed).
*Pole removed near 62 Chaucer St
I have been advised that the following has been scheduled over the next few weeks:
We have the following scheduled for completion over the next few weeks;
  • Longview and Ferndale
  • 3 Harmony Lane.
  • 20 Primrose Rd
  • 3 Surrey Way

The following locations involve Con-Ed along with VZ
  • W. Harsdale Rd. Between Chester Rd. and Kathwood Rd. Here Verizon has to set 3 new telephone poles and will have to coordinate with con-ed to do so.

  • 31 Crest Drive Verizon will meet with con-ed to discuss pole replacement

50 Parkview Rd. ), this is not VZ wire but CATV wire that is down.
460 Ridge rd. everyone agreed to have the work done in the late fall or winter due to the overgrowth of vegetation, poison ivy, ticks etcetera

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