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Release Date: November 22, 2004

I have invited representatives of the Sanitation Department to speak at the beginning of Monday nights Town Board meeting (which begins at 7:15 PM, Town Hall, 177 Hillside Ave). The crew members are going to propose a change in the sanitation schedule for 2005. They are proposing that garbage be picked up twice a week if there are holidays/no holidays. In addition, they claim that the team could be more efficient if they alternate pick up of cans/plastics and newspapers every other week. They claim that the current system is very difficult on them- causing injuries for some of the employees. The meeting will be televised on cable TV. You are invited to call in at 993-1540 if you have any questions or comments.
Most communities in the surrounding area pick up recycling on alternate weeks. Many residents of Greenburgh have complained about health related issues because garbage is not picked up twice a week during holiday weeks.  If this concept is implemented we would have to develop a plan to remind residents which recyclables are picked up each week. Besides providing residents with this information in our calendar sent out at the beginning of the year, one suggestion that was made to me on Friday would be to put large reminder signs on the trucks making the pickups.

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