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Westchester Golf Range, 701 Dobbs Ferry Road
Release Date: February 12, 2014

The Westchester Golf Range has submitted a petition to rezone Doff ERry Road to allow for a sport facility to be built at the Golf Range on Dobbs Ferry Road. The following are the links to the proposal—which will be posted on our website. 
The process is just starting. There will be a number of presentations and public hearings before different town Boards between now and the time any final decision is made. All public hearings will be held in the evening when residents can participate. Last year three of the five Town Board members voted to ask the Commissioner of Planning to work on a proposed rezone that would allow an indoor  sports facility to be built on Dobbs Ferry Road.
   Westchester Golf Range, 701 Dobbs Ferry Road -
Petition for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Greenburgh that seeks a zone change to create “Recreation Open Space Overlay” district in the Town that would allow a sports facility to be built at the Westchester Golf Range, 701 Dobbs Ferry Road
          Proposed ROS Recreation - Second Submission 02-06-14
          Proposed ROS Recreation Zoning - First Submission 12-16-13
This is the first submission from the applicant of the proposed zoning text. This text has been revised as of 02-06-14.
          SITE AERIAL
          SITE PHOTOS
          SITE PLAN - PHASE 1
          Site Plan - Proposed Floor Plans and Elevations
          TB 13-15 Game On 365 Sports - Dobbs Ferry Road - Application 12-16-13
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