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Presidenet of Hilltop Farms Civic Association objects to creation of new administrative position
Release Date: March 05, 2014

Blasé Spinozzi, President of the Hilltop Farms Civic Association, sent the following e mail to members of his civic association last night summarizing his impressions of the meeting that took place last night of the Fairview Fire Commission (which is independent of town government).  The Board of Fire Commission postponed a decision on whether to create and  fund the position of  deputy Executive Fire Chief--- a position that would cost the taxpayers six figures+++.  This position  is unnecessary –a job that does not currently exist.  The room was packed with residents of the Fairview Fire district—the overwhelming majority of attendees objected to the funding of another administrative position.

The Board of Fire Commissioners promised to advise the public when the matter will be put back on the agenda in advance any decision.  


Subject: Fairview Fire Department Meeting (3/4/14)

Dear Neighbors:


I attended the Board of Fire Commissioners' meeting this evening.


Having listened to what the board had to say, and then listening to many emotional residents of the Town of Greenburgh, I came away from the meeting with the feeling that the board's proposed plan is not in the best interest of the community.


The board's proposal to create the position of a rotational deputy executive fire chief to be groomed on a rotational basis concurrent with the four deputy chiefs presently sitting  to ultimately take over the responsibilities of the chief seems a bit ludicrous.


We currently have four deputy executive chiefs.  My opinion is if any one of them desires to step up to the position of chief, that comes with it a raise in salary,  they should make all efforts to get the necessary training needed for the position on their own time and at their own expense in order to become qualified for the position.  That's the way most civil service promotions are handled.


 Furthermore, our current fire chief has only indicated that he will retire within the next three years.  So therefore, we conceivably could be paying this salary for three years.  And after the position of a new chief is filled, I dare say that we will probably still maintain the new position on our books.


To pay someone $130,000 to upwards of $200,000 a year  to train for a promotional job, I don't believe is in the best interest of the taxpayers.


The board will not be taking action on this proposal tonight. 


My hope is after hearing the loud comments of the folks present at the meeting, that the board will reconsider their plan and perhaps devise a plan that's less expensive, while not compromising the safety of the firefighters and the community.


I will keep you posted on any further developments.


Blase Spinozzi, President

Hilltop Farms Civic Association

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