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Town of Greenburgh 2016 Comprehensive Plan / Public Hearing - Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 7:30PM
Release Date: June 04, 2016

The  GreenburghTown Board will hold a public hearing on the draft Comprehensive Plan Wednesday, June 8th at 7:30 PM. Please note that in an effort to allow for ample time for residents to comment, the public hearing will not be closed on June 8th.  Our hearings are held at Greenburgh Town Hall, 177 Hillside Ave.


The current draft of the Plan contains a revision date of 6/3/16. All updates to this version of the Plan are depicted in red underlined text. A majority of the draft Plan has not changed, when compared to the previously released draft of 12/4/15.


The 2016 Comprehensive Plan for the unincorporated area of the Town of Greenburgh (unincorporated Greenburgh) is a document that builds on both the Town’s historic past and its present strengths to direct the future.  The Plan is a blueprint that addresses foreseeable challenges, recognizes new opportunities, protects the environment, and fosters a vibrant economy with a good quality of life for its residents.  It is a community-based document which presents a long term plan for the future.  


The Plan is available for download on the Town Website at the following link: https://greenburghcomprehensiveplan.com/current-chapters/


2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan 6/3/16 | Town of Greenburgh, NY - 2016 Comprehensive Plan
Listed below are the chapters currently available for viewing: Comp Plan Cover DRAFT 6-3-16 Acknowledgements – DRAFT 6-3-16 Table of Contents – DRAFT 6-3-16 Chapter 1.0 Introduction to …





Please send any questions or comments to Garrett Duquesne at gduquesne@greenburghny.com or planzone@greenburghny.com



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