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Release Date: October 30, 2016

Earlier this month the Automobile Club of the Northeast gave the town of Greenburgh their highest award-one given to only four communities in the northeast. They sent the following commentary to their members this past week.  what they said about us--and about the other communities they honored.

Although we received a prestigious award, we recognize that much more has to be done. We're devastated by the fatal accident Friday  on West Hartsdale Ave (a NYS road, not a town road) that resulted in the loss of life of 2 elderly Tarrytown residents--for no reason. The department of Public Works and Police department are finalizing a request for proposals for a professional traffic engineer  to analyze traffic locations around the town that we feel could benefit from safety improvements. We're planning to build more sidewalks (construction of the Seely sidewalk started this past week and should take about a month to complete...Ft Hill and Sprain are coming soon. And we applied for grants to build more).   Some crosswalks need to be looked at.

And--every night when I'm driving home I see people walking --wearing dark clothing that is not visible to motorists.

Paul Feiner



2016 CTSAP Winners





Each year, the Club recognizes AAA Northeast communities that identify local traffic safety problems and then work to solve them as part of the AAA Community Traffic Safety Awards Program. The awards are presented at an annual luncheon awards ceremony held in the fall.



As stated above, New York City was one of four Platinum award winners in AAA’s annual Community Traffic Safety Awards Program, which recognizes outstanding communities for their efforts to make the region’s roadways safer for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. The three other municipalities – the Town of Greenburgh and the Village of Irvington in Westchester County and the Village of Northport in Suffolk County–  also won AAA’s top Platinum Award for the outstanding success and effectiveness of their traffic safety programs, some of which are highlighted below.


Town of Greenburgh - After doing a detailed analysis of local crash data, the Town of Greenburgh sought to reduce crash rates at the top locations by making significant engineering changes and stepping up enforcement. The visibility of signage and crosswalks were enhanced with reflective, prismatic sheeting and strips. In addition, the Town installed portable digital radar signs, most innovatively, a radar trailer with variable message capabilities that not only tells drivers to slow down, but can also tell the number of tickets issued at that location. That feature has proven to be a big deterrent of speeding.    


Village of Irvington - Spurred on by three recent incidents of students being hit by cars (none fatally), the Village took action to change motorist behavior. A Traffic Calming Committee was formed and charged with the task of educating the community to slow down. The Village saturated the area with “Slow Down, Irvington” lawn signs, banners, bumper stickers and safe driving tip cards. Law enforcement efforts were also increased. The program has become a regional model, and several other municipalities in the area have adopted the program.




In addition to the prestigious Platinum Award, the Village also received a commendation for 50 consecutive years with zero pedestrian fatalities.      


Village of Northport - Due to deliberate education, enforcement and engineering, the village can boast to having zero pedestrian fatalities for seven consecutive years, zero pedestrian injuries and zero bike fatalities as well as a 16 percent reduction in vehicle occupant injuries. The Village of Northport made a concerted effort to obtain better data on contributing factors to crashes to better target their enforcement and educational programs. Better tracking leads to better targeted enforcement, all of which contribute to safer streets.


Visit AAA’s Community Traffic Safety Awards Program’s Hall of Fame to view past Organizational, Individual and Platinum award winners. 

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