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Release Date: August 02, 2005

On Friday, July 29, 2005, the campers from Good Times were having lunch, as always.  However it was not the “usual” lunch period.  One of our counselors, Heidi Aquel noticed that a camper was choking on her lunch.  Gabriel Robles, one of the trained RTE’s (Respond to Emergencies) trained staff member was called to help the choke victim.  Within seconds, Gabriel was with the victim and performing the Heimlich Maneuver.  He was able to help and save her from choking.  The food was ejected from the camper’s windpipe and after resting for a few minutes, she was able to rejoin her group for activities. 


Gabriel was a true hero who acted swiftly, calmly and with expertise.  I have invited Gabriel to attend our next Town Board meeting on August 17th to be honored by the Greenburgh Town Board as our employee of the month. Gabriel is a great role model in our community.  PAUL FEINER

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