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516 Con Ed customers in Greenburgh still out of power... recycling is still on for tomorrow
Release Date: March 06, 2018

 516 Con Ed customers are still out of power, down from over 4,000 after the nor'easter. Disappointed that some residents have received notices that they won't have power back on until Friday at 11 PM. It's FREEZING outside. Will try to encourage Con Ed to send in more crews so that power can be restored to the last group of out of power  Greenburgh residents before Friday. It's horrible that some people won't have power during a heavy snow storm.   If you want me to try matching up residents without power with neighbors who might have an extra room and would be willing to open up a room in their home please advise


 Co-mingled Recycling will be collected Wednesday, as scheduled.  The current weather forecast suggests the storm will be light in the morning providing an opportunity for the collection of Co-Mingled ahead of the heavier expected snow towards the mid-day and afternoon.




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