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How to get a refund if your cablevision service was out during the storm
Release Date: April 08, 2018

Cablevision Outage Bill Credit
If you lost Cablevision/Optimum service during the recent storms you can qualify for a credit on your bill. Cablevision knows by address about how long your service was out. If you were out for less than 4 hours you would not qualify.  If you are out for a longer period of time you do.
You need to contact them. Even though they likely know how long your service was out they will not credit your account automatically according to what they told me. You need to call.
You will need to know what dates you are out of service. I suppose they want to know that to make it harder on you but it is possible their records are not accurate. It is possible they may show you out longer that you were. Anyway most of you should be aware of what days you were out.
The minimum outage requirements to get credit are as follows:  The following are the required time-frames: -New York Customers – 4 hours minimum -
If your bill is  in the area of $200/month you should receive about $6.50 off of your bill for each 24 hours you were out. Our guess.
Call them at 718-860-3513 or via
Chat at https://www.optimum.net/support/outage/
Other Town Supervisors in Westchester are also sharing this information. I wish Con Ed would also be required to issue refunds to customers out of service.  I didn't receive as many complaints during the storm from residents who contract with Verizon. I believe that the NYS law also requires FIOS and other cable companies to reimburse residents out of service for more than 4 hours.
If you experience any problems getting your refunds let me know and I will follow up.

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