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You can pay your second half of the school tax bill on line
Release Date: January 28, 2019

Did you forget to pay the 2nd half of your school taxes--which is due the last day of the month (Thursday)? If you forgot and don't trust the post office the Receiver of Taxes office will be open till 7 PM this Thursday evening at Greenburgh Town Hall. Another option (you could save on postage): pay your taxes on line.  This is the link:



The town and school districts are independent of each other. The town collects taxes for each of the school districts. We also guarantee the schools 100% of the taxes owed, whether we collect the taxes from you or not. We send the schools all the money owed to them. However - if a taxpayer doesn't pay the school taxes the town can eventually foreclose on the property. That is how we took ownership of the former Frank's nursery which is now going to become an assisted living facility. And the waterwheel property in Ardsley which is now affordable apartments.


 People who pay the school taxes late get assessed interest fees and penalties that quickly add up. Since the town upfronted the money to the schools the law enables the town government to keep the interest and penalties.  Taxpayers in Westchester are not able to vote on town, village or county budgets. But - they do vote on school budgets.


Paul Feiner

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