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Release Date: February 08, 2019

I plan to speak at the NYS  Senate sponsored hearing on the NYS budget on Friday at 3 PM at the Greenburgh library on the proposed NYS budget. I will highlight the fact that NYS  owned roads  in Greenburgh are not maintained –they are in horrible condition. Greenburgh is not alone. Other municipalities in Westchester are complaining that NYS is not providing adequate funding for road repaving. Last time a road in Greenburgh owned by NYS was repaved was about 4 years ago. NYS has also cut back on staffing and resources for the regional NYS Department of Transportation offices.


The photo below was taken on Dobbs Ferry Road yesterday on February 7th. I have since reported the pothole. In the past NYS has sent crews out to repair potholes- the potholes re-emerge a short time later because the roads are not properly repaired.  The pothole below is dangerous - if a motorcyclist, for example, rides over it and falls - his/her life could be at risk. Cars try to avoid potholes like the one below- and rive on the other side of the road.  Other NYS roads in Greenburgh also are not being maintained.


PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THE FACT THAT NYS IS NEGLECTING TO MAINTAIN ROADS THAT THEY OWN.  NYS MUST APPROPRIATE ADEQUATE FUNDS TO REBUILD, MILL AND REPAVE ROADS THAT ARE FALLING APART.  NYS is doing a good job addressing high profile infrastructure like Laguardia, Kennedy Airport and the Mario Cuomo bridge. But, they are neglecting the many roads that they own. And that is a shame.

Paul Feiner  T The

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

914 438 1343




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