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Metro north working on safety initiative at hartsdale train station
Release Date: February 27, 2019

I  received some calls from residents of Hartsdale about evening/weekend construction activity at the Hartsdale train station. It  is only temporary as Metro North installs underground cables to support Positive Train Control, an important safety project, and part of their  signal system infrastructure.  This work is being done at night and weekends when there are less/no trains operating on the Harlem Line and the work can be accomplished at an accelerated pace. 
Metro North advises that they are  moving south of this area in Hartsdale by the end of the weekend.  The backup warning sound from the vehicles is an OSHA requirement and cannot be reduced or eliminated. 

The Greenburgh Town Board had an excellent work session discussion with representatives of Our Lady of Shkodra Parish on West Hartsdale Ave on February 26.  The parish is planning to propose a new Parish Hall to accommodate church functions, weddings and other similar church activities.


The entire discussion was video taped and archived on the town website. The link is below:





I was very pleased with the discussion. The applicant was


# open to discussing the possibility of building a sidewalk on West Hartsdale Ave from WIndsor Park to Poets Corner. A new sidewalk would be a great addition and would generate momentum that could lead to an eventual sidewalk from Central Ave to Dobbs Ferry Road!


# Was receptive to working with the town to address noise issues


# Willing to install a fence, work with us on a landscaping plan to address Windsor Park immediate neighborhood concerns.


# Planning to plant additional trees.


The application should be filed within a few months. Once the application is filed we will retain the services of an outside consultant who will review the plans. There will be public hearings. If you would like to be part of a local land use neighborhood advisory committee that will help prepare the RFP for consultants, interview consultants and help review the application please advise.


Thanks. Will keep you informed.


This is the latest in a series of local land use advisory committees that is partnering with the town on land use matters. A committee was formed to work with the town on the future of Elmwood. Another committee was created to review a proposed solar farm in E Irvington. And, on Monday night residents who reside off of Fort Hill Road/Ardsley Road in Edgemont met to discuss the next steps: options to make the intersection safer for pedestrians. An RFP for a consultant will be issued with their input and the committee will recommend a traffic safety consultant who will make recommendations for crosswalk/pedestrian safety. 



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