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Release Date: March 05, 2019

On March 19th residents who reside in the Greenburgh Central school district will have the opportunity to vote on the $114.6 million Greenburgh school consolidation proposal.


Today the town board met with the Greenburgh school district, our traffic consultant John Canning of Kimley Horn  and the Greenburgh School’s traffic consultant, James Garofalo of Tim Miller Associates. We discussed traffic issues and possible action steps to mitigate traffic concerns if the referendum is approved. The discussion lasted over two hours!  The focus of attention: Juniper Hill, Highpoint, Poets Corner.  The meeting was constructive—no matter what happens (if the referendum is approved or rejected) the town, school district and civic associations need to work together to address traffic and quality of life issues. Some of the recommendations could be implemented no matter what the outcome.


Please note that the because the town and school districts are independent of each other - the town is not taking any stand (pro or con) regarding the referendum. It's the voters decision!



Paul Feiner

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