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Chipotle possibility at Midway Shopping Center-watch Town Board work session
Release Date: April 18, 2019

Chipotle is a possibility at Midway Shopping Center, Ardsley Road/Central Ave

At the Town Board work session on Wednesday, representatives of Midway Shopping Center met with the Board to present a concept for reuse of the former bank building onsite which is now vacant. The proposal would not change the footprint of the building, however, the applicant has identified a few driveway/lane improvements that could be made to facilitate safer access. The applicant noted that there is interest from a few restaurants including Chipotle, which is a successful restaurant that presently exists in the Town at Crossroads Shopping Center on Rt. 119. The bank building at Midway contained a drive-thru window which the applicant would have interest in using for “app” based order pickups. The proposal would require a special permit from the Planning Board for the restaurant use and a shared parking reduction from the Planning Board due to the fact that the bank parking requirement is less restrictive than the restaurant parking standard. No change in net parking spaces would result based on the proposed driveway reconfiguration. At the meeting I inquired if the shopping center management would consider constructing a sidewalk along a portion of Ardsley Road, which was considered by Midway several years ago. The Center has made several interior vehicular/pedestrian updates in the last few years which have increased safety at the site. Your comments/input is appreciated.


A link to the meeting follows: http://greenburghny.swagit.com/play/04172019-1607


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