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technology upgrade--automatic collection of commingled to start soon in selected area
Release Date: May 05, 2019

Your garbage is being picked up by a truck that uses an automatic hand. We completed the transition earlier this year with the purchase of new garbage trucks. We are now planning to expand the program by picking up comingled recycling - using the automated trucks.  We will be phasing in the transition and will start with the following areas:




East Irvington, Glenville, Taylor Road, Mayfair Acres, Payne District, North Elmsford, Hevelyne Road, Valimar, Parkway Homes, Parkway Gardens, Hillside-Wyndover, Manhattan Park, Worthington, Suburban Manor and Orchard Hill




Please be advised the Department of Public works is expanding the automated sanitation collection program to now include the collection of comingled recycling (plastic, glass, metal) and plans to begin distribution of recycling branded carts to approximately 3,850 residents in the next few weeks.  We are notifying the residents with direct mail, in the same manner as the past cart distribution and program change.  Use of the automated equipment will lessen manpower resources for this weekly collection.  As we continue to expand the fleet and purchase more containers, further expansion will occur.  We expect to offer the service to the entire town in the future.



The Town Board recently honored Irvington Middle School Geo Bee finalists. At our Town Board meeting on Wednesday evening we will honor Jeremy Morton who came in sixth state wide. He was the geo bee finalist at the Greenburgh School district.


13 year old Jeremy Morton developed his interest in Geography and History at an early age.  His love for trains and planes propelled his desire to learn all about maps, geography, engineering and now the art of science. 

He is presently an honor student at Woodlands Middle School.  He has won numerous awards and was the recipient of a personal letter from President Barack Obama at an early age of 7 for an idea on how to clean an ocean oil spill.   

Along with his family, Jeremy has travelled all over the United States and Europe. 

He is on the Woodlands track team, swim team and soccer team and also plays saxophone. 

Outside of school, Jeremy loves watching sports and is loves to take train rides. 

He is deeply rooted in his church and loves reading the Bible.  He hopes that one day his knowledge will help unite the world through transportation.  




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