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Ardsley Road/Sprain Road traffic light update
Release Date: June 07, 2019



           Many people have been  contacting me asking for an update on the promised traffic light at Ardsley Road/Sprain Road. A traffic consultant recommended last year that the light be installed and our engineers have been working with the consultant since than on implementation.  Commissioner of Public Works Victor Carosi provided me with the following update. 


            The traffic signal design is at 90% completion.  Our Town Engineering Department is working with the consultant to finalize the construction details.    While difficult to say definitively, it is our goal to have the project design complete by the end of June for public bidding in July.  If that schedule holds, construction should begin by late summer or early in the fall.


                The traffic signal will be a smart traffic light system which combines traditional traffic lights with various sensors and computerized sequences in order to intelligently direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic based on varying traffic situations.  These sensors are better able to respond and change the light based upon traffic demand, and not just old fashioned signal timing. This newer approach provides more dynamics to the signal and better response to varying conditions.


                We are committed to the installation of the traffic signal and will continue to provide periodic updates.


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