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Good news: crosswalk at Edgemont Road/Ardsley Road will be made safer - next week
Release Date: July 24, 2019



In an effort to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety, the Town of Greenburgh will be making modifications to the crosswalk on Ardsley Road at Edgemont Road.


This will involve the following tasks:

  • The pedestrian landing area on the south side of the crosswalk will be extended approximately 5 feet into the crosswalk.
  • A new pedestrian ramp will be installed on the north side of the crosswalk.
  • New 6” diameter aluminum traffic poles will be installed on both sides of the crosswalk.
  • Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB) signs will be installed on both new poles. These are high intensity strobe light beacons that are push button activated by a pedestrian in the crosswalk. These will face traffic in both directions to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians.
  • An additional crosswalk will be established across Edgemont Road.
  • An additional RRFB sign will be installed on an existing pole further up Ardsley Rd (on the uphill side of the intersection). This will also be activated by the pedestrians in the crosswalk and will serve to alert drivers going downhill on Ardsley Rd prior to reaching the intersection.
  • The existing crosswalk will be repainted with highly reflective paint.


It is the Town’s hope that these changes will improve safety by alerting drivers to the presence of pedestrians in an area with very limited sight distance.  We anticipate that the crosswalk safety initiative will be completed within three weeks-possibly sooner.


The contractors should complete the sidewalk construction on Columbia Ave by the end of this week.  We are working hard trying to make it safer for pedestrians to safely walk around town.

 Paul Feiner


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