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Town should acquire emergency generators
Release Date: January 30, 2006

   The Town of Greenburgh, the county and school districts should learn from the recent power outage. There is a need to place generators in government buildings. These generators could be used to keep government functioning. They could also be used to house the frail elderly and disabled in the event of a significant power outage during extremely cold weather or during the hot summer months. Generators can also be used to keep government functioning in the event of a long power outage. The January 2006 power outage resulted in some schools in Greenburgh being closed from Wednesday till Friday.

 The town of Greenburghreceived a $75,000 grant from the state to purchase a generator at the MultipurposeCenter, VeteranTownPark. However, the $75,000 did not cover the costs. If the town does not commit to the additional funds needed to acquire the generator, we are in danger of losing the grant.  I am requesting the Town Board to fund the installation of a generator and also am outreaching to the state, county governments to provide assistance to all localities that wish to acquire generators.

            The following is a response I received from Police Chief John Kapica regarding the acquisition of generators.  PAUL FEINER


The American Red Cross has agreements with virtually every public school in the county to house people in the event of an emergency.  Woodlands, for example, is a reception center to receive people evacuated from within the 10 mile area surrounding Indian Point.  We have trained with the Red Cross, WestchesterCountyand Fire Agencies to set up and staff the center and decontaminate evacuees.  Although some schools may have generators, I am not aware of any that do.  This obviously impacts on the ability to provide heat, hot water for showers, power for cooking, lights, etc.  I suppose portable generators could be brought to these locations to provide lighting and power for other needs.  I have always advocated the purchase of generators for those Town Buildings that are capable of providing basic services to the public in addition to shelter (i.e., food, showers).  Our buildings are also air conditioned which is essential in addressing the sheltering needs of people during emergencies that occur during the hottest months of the year.  Finally, in a major event, the maintenance of government operations is essential to the community's recovery, therefore I would also advocate securing a generator for town hall.  While it doesn't need to be sized to power the entire building, it should be of sufficient size to maintain all critical functions.  Hope this informationis helpful.  JAK     



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