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Supervisors Report
Release Date: November 14, 2002

A number of months ago I contacted the county calling on the county (or state) to condemn Indian Point and to replace the plant with alternative energy sources.

I am very pleased to advise that County Executive Andrew Spano announced today that the county is taking preliminary steps to do just that. The County Executive, in a statement issued today, calling for the shutdown of Indian Point. And suggested that there is a basis to go ahead and investigate buying or condemning Indian Point and building a natural plant on site. The county will issue RFPs, estimated to cost $500,000. The study will look at the cost to take over Indian Point...the cost to replace the reactors with gas burning generators...how this could best be accomplished...the impact on energy rates...should the county utility agency take over some or all of Con Ed's distribution system.

What is significant about the County Executive's action is that we don't need to depend on the NRC and Washington. I commend Andy Spano on taking this position--------a very major step in the right direction.

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