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Supervisors Goals 1999
Release Date: December 09, 2002



TOWN SUPERVISOR RETURNS $222.50 TO TAXPAYERS--- At the beginning of the
year I released 27 goals (listed below). I placed 5% of my salary in
escrow. Over 95% of my goals were implemented. As a result I will be
returning $222.50 to the taxpayers of my salary.

Earlier this year I announced that part of my salary would be based on implementation of my goals. Enclosed is a report highlighting my goals and a status report of these goals.

  1. Gaisman Acquisition: Execute a tri partnership with the state and county to purchase the 123-acre property in Greenburgh known as Gaisman. The town will be managing the new park, located off of Ridge Road in Hartsdale. Accomplished July 26th.
  2. Glenville Woods: work with developer, neighborhood association and open space organizations on a compromise package so that part of Glenville Woods can be acquired by the town as permanent parkland. The developer, under this compromise proposal, will be able to develop some housing on site. The property is located near the Marriott Hotel, close to the Tarrytown Border. Goal Accomplished. Trust for Public Land working with the town on park acquisition. Has option to buy.
  3. Oversight of comprehensive master plan: traffic, development, open space issues. Work to resolve contentious land use issues. Results: the comprehensive plan is progressing smoothly. Meetings have been held with both the Town Board and the Comprehensive Plan Committee. The draft Phase II report has been released and presented to the public in at least one public forum, a Town Board meeting. It is anticipated that this phase will be completed by the end of the year, and work will have begun on Phase III, the final phase. As a result of the draft Phase II report, the Town Board has requested that the consultants prepare a report on the desirability of instituting a development moratorium.
  4. Install a new pre-school playground and beach volleyball court at A.f. Veteran Town Park. Work with department to improve attendance at pool complex. Among goals: more weekend specials/activities. The goal to improve facilities such as installing the new playgrounds at Veteran and Secor Parks and a new sand volleyball court were completed. Revenue was up in the park, especially the sale of family pool memberships, organized more special events. Overall attendance went down.
  5. Multipurpose Center: Oversee the construction and opening of multipurpose center for seniors and young people at Veteran Park. Goal: completion of building in 1999. The goal was partially obtained and the building shell will be completed by December 15th. However, the building will not be open to the public until 2000.
  6. Public Works Garage: Oversee construction of public works garage. Status: Complete
  7. Implement tree inspection program throughout park system. This goal was completed and will be ongoing in 2000. A complete tree inspection took place in the spring and fall. Trees in the high-risk category of falling were removed.
  8. Schools: work with newly established Central 7 School Advisory Committee to improve reputation/image/quality of education. The town is working with the school district to establish an Entrepreneurial Program to enhance the job training skills of students. We worked with the R.J. Bailey School and have turned an abandoned pond into a learning center, and built a dock for them. I established a committee that set some goals for the school district.
  9. Habitat for Humanity: Turn over property at 77 Riverdale Ave. to Habitat for Humanity. Affordable home to go to resident of unincorporated Greenburgh/Fairview. Goal Accomplished
  10. Recycling: Improve recycling participation to 40%. According to Commissioner of Public Works, this goal is likely to be accomplished
  11. Street Lighting: Proceed with energy conservation program to increase illumination at a reduced cost. Street lighting improved on Route 9A and Secor Road, and Elmsford
  12. Irvington Joint Venture Catskill Pump Station: Complete design and obtain approvals so construction can be initiated for this Greenburgh/Irvington joint venture. Status: complete
  13. Disabled Tax Breaks: Adopt legislation to provide for tax breaks for disabled. Status: accomplished
  14. Year 2000: Oversee Year 2000 computer program sot make sure that we don’t have computer related problems in the year 2000. All systems are compliant. We don’t expect any problems. In addition, the town is offering free home inspections through the Police Department.
  15. East Hartsdale Avenue: Implement goals for East Hartsdale Avenue; more diversity; better marketing;  in Park. We established the Sculpture in the Park Program in August 1999. IGA expanded their store. Starbucks coming in the year 2000
  16. Establish inventory of elevators. Require owners and operators of elevators to submit to mandatory annual safety examinations. The Town Board adopted legislation implementing this goal.
  17. Keep Sprain Road Closed: work with Ardsley and county officials to find solutions that will address traffic concerns. Push for removal of tolls on Thruway. Status: partially accomplished. We worked out an agreement and a new road will be built from Corporate Park Drive to Route 9A. Sprain Road is opened temporarily until the new road is complete. Traffic mitigation measures to take place on Jackson and downtown Ardsley.
  18. Scarsdale Downtown Development: Protect interests of Edgemont as Scarsdale moves to build development on border. The town obtained the services of an outside law firm. The Scarsdale Downtown Development Project has not been approved.
  19. Town hall Expansion Study: Oversee study of town hall/library expansion. I asked the Town Clerk to oversee the expansion study. We are reviewing recommendations of an outside consultant and looking at other alternatives.
  20. Performance base pay: Implement merit pay for managers/Town Supervisor. Develop criteria that is fair. Tighten up management skills. Status: accomplished. All town department heads were evaluated for the first time. Merit pay program is being implemented.
  21. Approve employee handbook-rules/policies for employees. Status: accomplished
  22. Improve Police Departments Youth Camp Program. Add more structure/additional field trips. Some of the additional trips added were a trip to the New York State Police Academy in Albany and a trip to the New York City Police Academy, and overnight trip to the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA
  23. Work with Police Department to add a new 7th patrol sector duty. This goal has been partially realized. Preliminary work load studies have been completed. Since the 7th sector is predicated on additional officers being added to the department and being available for fieldwork, this will not actually become a reality until late 2000.
  24. Complete review of Police Departments regulations to facilitate filing for state accreditation. Review of the more than 700 pages of regulations continues. Completion of the review and update of the regulations is expected to be completed by year’s end. Filing for accreditation will take place in late spring of 2000 and the department should be accredited by the beginning of fall 2000. Goal accomplished
  25. Work with Fairview Greenburgh Community Center to increase numbers of at risk youth participating in Fairview Greenburgh Community center Programs. At risk youth programs have increased through new program initiatives. Dalphine Meadows works with families living in scattered housing, with parents and grandparents and children relative to problems they are experiencing.
  26. Look into possibility of establishing a Fairview Community Center business camp where young people would start a business and run it, gaining valuable sills on how to start a business. Attempt to get a grant to start up this program, develop the concept. The first phase of the Entrepreneurial Program was completed in August, 1999. Thirty youth were enrolled and 27 completed the program. The program was funded by the Invest in Kids group which is a collaborative effort with the Greenburgh Central 7 School District. Phase II of the Entrepreneurial Program has begun with the opening of the Fairview Greenburgh Community center Café. 17 youth are involved, most of whom received training in the August Training Segment. Phase III of the program also started with the formation of an adult volunteer and advisory group. Their first meeting of this group took place on October 31st. A collective project "Kids/Children’s store Front" is being developed with the advisory group’s assistance and they are currently discussing ways in which this can be implemented. Other initiatives will be a Babysitting Program, another business venture for the young entrepreneur.
  27. Monitor proposed 250 units of housing being proposed in Ardsley off of 9A, near downtown Ardsley. I believe that this project will have a negative impact on traffic flow in downtown Ardsley and in the 9A corridor. Will urge Ardsley to scale down proposal. Organized rallies, spoke with Village Board members. Most are now in agreement that the project should be scaled down.

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