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Release Date: October 24, 2007

$405,000 is alot of money for the town to spend on a comprehensive plan. The Town Board will be voting on hiring a consultant at tonights Town Board meeting (October 24th). The meeting begins at 7:15 PM.

I will be urging the Board to delay the vote.


...The incoming Board should decide who the consultant should be. There are elections for town offices on November 6th. The comprehensive plan will take over 2 years to complete. The consultant will be working with the new Board (the board that is sworn into office on January 1). Shouldn't the new Board decide on the price, scope of work, terms of the contract? There is no need to rush the hiring less than two weeks before the elections.

...Board members were told during our work session on Tuesday afternoon that if the Board hires the comprehensive plan consultants on October 24th the contract may have strict penalty provisions --making it very difficult and costly for the Town Board that is elected on November 6th to repeal the contract.

...The 2008 proposed town budget will be released in less than one week (October 30th). The decision whether we should undertake a comprehensive plan review in 2008 should be discussed during this years budget process. Can residents afford to spend $405,000 on a study, especially if there is a tax hike? Once the Board makes a financial commitment we are locked into the agreement.

...can we do better financially? A few weeks ago I complained about the cost of the comprehensive plan. The consultant the Board wants to hire talked to me after I expressed concerns and reduced his proposal by tens of thousands of dollars within a day. I believe that we still could do better. If I am provided with some additional time and if I am given the chance to continue tonegotiate the price I believe that the taxpayers might be able to save some additional money and get a much better & less expensive contract.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

PS: To reduce taxes by 1% we have to save $340,000.

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