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Release Date: May 19, 2012

When Westchester County builds the new Crane Road bridge on the Bronx River Parkway (work on that bridge is starting within weeks) and the Ashford Ave bridge (work expected to start in 2015) they should consider using accelerated bridge construction techniques - a collection of technologies and methods that received attention by the NY Times in April of this year under the headline "Did Someone Order an Instant Bridge?".

This accelerated bridge construction can cut months and possibly years off the bridge construction process. Massachusetts is currently taking advantage of this process.


Last year the state of Massachusetts replaced 14 bridges on interstate 93 over 10 weekends. In contrast, the Popham Road bridge that links Edgemont to Scarsdale has been under construction for over two years and is still not finished! Its a year behind schedule.


Westchester County recently announced that reconstruction of the Crane Road Bridge on the Bronx River Parkway will take 34 months to be completed. In about a year both the northbound and southbound exits off the Bronx River Parkway onto Crane Road will be closed and remain closed for two years.


Westchester County recently announced that work on the Ashford Ave bridge could start in 2015 and be completed in the winter of 2017. This is the best case scenerio--assuming that all goes well - no cost overruns and no delays. Almost every bridge project has delays and overruns.


It's my hope that county officials will explore the new bridge construction technology and determine if new bridges can be built quicker. There is no need to inconvenience motorists.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor


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