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Update Lois Bronz Children’s Center air conditioning problems
Release Date: August 09, 2019

I am on vacation but am checking e mails. In recent weeks have received complaints about the air conditioning problems at the Lois Bronz Children’s Center. The center is independent of the town but the building is owned by the town. Because of the heat there have been days when the center has been closed. The building is old. It was determined that portable air conditioning units would not have provided children and staff with the relief they need. This is a response I received from the commissioner of public works. I had previously contacted the Greenburgh school district and LBCC and suggested that the center temporarily function out of the school building until we resolve the problem  Paul Feiner

Confirming the note from Supervisor Feiner, the Town has ordered the replacement parts for the rooftop air-conditioning unit that serves parts of the Lois Bronz Children’s Center.   The part is being shipped from a vendor in Texas identified by our contractor with the matching part.  The part is not readily available due to the age of the system.  Our contractor expects the part to arrive today, and had made arrangements for a crane to lift the unit into place and make the repairs within the next week.


Further, the Town is investigating options to replace this rooftop air conditioning chiller system in the next year with a new system.


The Town has placed fans throughout the affected areas of the Lois Bronz center to help move air around to provide some comfort to the children and staff.


Victor G. Carosi, P.E.

Commissioner of Public Works

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